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Episode Fifteen: Hard To Make A Stand

Dr. Marques was on a simple mission entering the kitchen: food and a place to prop up her feet. A smile rocketed across her weary face. "This is a nice surprise, Iíve only been home for two weeks and one of my offspring is here,"

Bas tried to stay stoically silent while eating his sandwich; he didnít know how Ava did it.

Katherine bit her lower lip. "Mia freezes all kinds of delish meals, how about dinner with your old mom, or, thatís lame, isnít it?

"Sorry, I need to get back to the gatehouse to study," he announced, really wanting to talk even though heíd promised himself not to get too close again.

"Another time," she shrugged. "Oh, I intercepted a call from one of your dadís watchdogs, something about you skipping classes now and then, I tried-"

"You donít need to do me any favors; Iíve got my own reasons for keeping your secret."

"I never meant it that way." She replied, turning to rummage through the freezer. Katharine felt like she was on hold in a hostage crisis. She heard Bas near the back door.

"Hey, could you wait a second," Katherine walked towards him, arms crossed. "There was a girl at the hospital a few days ago, she had a little boy and said she knew you,"

"Itís not mine, I didnít get anyone pregnant." The mother could say black and her son would say white, he was in want of only the tiniest excuse to be ignited by her.

Katherine ignored the outburst. "Her name is Lila and I think you should keep your eyes open around her. This isnít nagging; itís friendly advice Sebastian, if you want it."

"Thanks." He gave her half a dimple. "I put a postcard from Adria on dadís desk, youíll like it, she seems really happy at Lakeway, made the math team. So, uh, I need to leave."

Episode Sixteen: Keep It Together

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