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Episode 145: When The lights Go Down

As the sun settled into a smoky orange haze, Jesse flew down the slide into Bowie’s waiting arms. While one protective eye remained at all times on the boy, the other never fully left his mother a few feet away. She was fiddling with that flaming red hair of hers that she’d been buying since she was thirteen from a corner drugstore. Sitting there, blowing bubbles with her gum, as if nothing in the world would surprise her short of a bus mowing her down and even then...

"God, look at that they’re so sweet together, huh- maybe I should have had a boy, Stacey’s like the worst man repellant," A young woman, maybe two years older than Lila announced right after pushing her little girl in the very general direction of the sandbox.

"Yeah, I’m a lucky girl," Lila replied checking her hair for split ends and showing off the hole in the toe of her shoe. Bowie was watching, his infamous eyelashes fluttering.

"I hear you, but beggars can’t be choosers huh?" The other woman laughed.

Lila’s back stiffened immediately; she did not want this woman thinking there were any parallels between the two of them. "He owns his own business you know, these are just what I wear when I don’t care what I wear," she snapped.

The woman shrugged her shoulders. "C’mon Stace, let’s try the swings."’

The second the sandbox was vacated, Jesse couldn’t resist the allure of taking over where some other kid had left off; he was like a dog protecting his turf.

Bowie sat down next to Lila, rested for a moment, elbows at his knees, one hand massaging the back of his neck. He stretched out his legs, crossed his arms and leaned back his head watching the sky slowing turn to darkness. "Speak now or forever hold your piece... I was thinking now might be a good a time as any to get that part out of the way."

Episode 146: Sunday Morning

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