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Episode 144: Underneath It All

Katherineís Chrome Hearts bracelet jangled against her wineglass as she walked in otherwise silence beside her husband taking in the Salvador Dali exhibit. Their last attempt at conversation occurred near the burning giraffes, ten canvases ago when Katherine mentioned that his father had disowned Dali.

"Katherine, Phillip, Iím so pleased you could make it," Livia Von Dern greeted them, nervously fluffing up her platinum bob. "You donít know how many nightmares Iíve had lately that everyone would be no shows."

"It looks like itís going to be a big success Iím so happy for you Liv," Katherine replied.

"After Max passed on I-"

Katherine passed her glass of wine to Phillip and took Livia by both hands. "Now no talk of this tonight right? You have worked so hard to put this together and I will not let you do anything other than hold your head up high, now look thereís the Dormans dry your eyes and make them know you,"

Katherine and Phillip moved on to the Cafe Scene. "I didnít know you were so close to Livia, I assumed we were here for the art." Phillip intimated.

"I got to know Livia while Max was in the hospital- I canít watch someone in that situation and go on with my nose in the air pretending like sheís Anna Nicole Smith."

Phillip gave her a quick nod. "ĎThe Basket of Breadí this is the first one thatís made any sense."

Episode 145: When The lights Go Down

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