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Episode 143: Don't Let Me Get Me

Maybe it was two years ago, he wasn’t very good with years. It was this same place on the sprawling lawn, a sort of a hill where he sat like he was now with his jacket gathering stains, his collar pulled open and his tie barely hanging on.

That seemed like the day that he really noticed that she was his newest hobby anymore. It was like secrets and the people who know them make all the difference.

"So you have a major right?" Adria asked Taro interrupting the quiet sort of sunny day contemplation that had sunk in.

"Journalism and communications." Taro answered suspiciously, pulling out blades of grass one by one.

Sebastian tried to pay attention to his sister’s feeble audition for the Real World, not that it was riveting in the car accident way of the TV show but because he had nothing better to do with his mind. It wasn’t like he’d been expecting Avalon to be there. Okay, that was a lie, he’d been expecting her to be there in some grand Hallmark commercial reunion kind of way.

"I love Connie Chung," Adria announced to the air, the sun, Taro. She knew it was a stupid thing to say, well she knew it somewhere between the expression on Taro’s face and Sebastian’s idea of brotherly support.

"Yeah, and Taro, man, you’ve got to know if it was up to Addie, Jackie Chan would have had his Oscar by now, that is if he’s one of your people, or else Jet Li really ought to get it, you know Lethal Weapon 4 just wouldn’t be the same without him."

Episode 144: Underneath It All

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