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Episode 1210: Turnabout

“You charged out of here hellbent on confronting your father over interfering in our lives and now a few hours later you’ve decided to say nothing to him about it?”

“It was a long few hours,” Sebastian said.

“Apparently. I just, I don’t understand how your sentiments could have made that big of a swing in such a short amount of time,” Ava said.

She struggled to keep calm, busying herself at the counter, checking on items in the oven and on the stove that didn’t need checking on while she waited for her husband to explain this absurd turnabout.

“My dad, he was like a different person today.”

“How so?” Did the man actually apologize for something he’d done?

“Well, for starters, I’ve never seen him cry before.”

“His pet was ill,” Ava pointed out. “Crying is pretty normal under those circumstances, it doesn’t really indicate a changed man.”

Ava put random ingredients in a bowl, stirring rigorously, whipping the contents into the nothing that they combined to be, she was just in the mood to whip something.

“It isn’t normal for him to put someone else ahead of work,” Bas said. “It’s not normal for my dad to seem so rattled.”

“You weren’t really there to be aware of it, but your father did occasionally take time away from work when you were in the hospital and he was rattled at times then, too. But he wasn’t changed by it, months later he went right ahead and blackmailed me.”

“I know. It’s just, you weren’t there a few weeks ago when he promised to lay off of us and then today, I don’t know, I guess I’m not explaining it very well, he just seemed so genuine and human and I was sitting there with him and watching him be so broken up over his dog and I just, I thought there’s the guy I want to spend time with and maybe I am a fool for that… It’s just like you’ve argued, Ava, do I really want to start a war with my dad? You’re right. I don’t want a war and not out of fear of retaliation, but because I care about having a relationship with him if he’s going to be different, if I could have a decent dad, finally. I know he’s done horrible things and I’m not clearing him of any of that, but if everyone held me to the worst things I’ve done, I wouldn’t look great either.”

“You decided all of this based on how he behaved with a dog.”

“And based on what you’ve been saying to me, Ava. Except suddenly your tune has changed just as abruptly as mine did. You seem to be mad at me now for doing exactly what you suggested that I do which is just let it go. I’m feeling like I can’t win here.”

“Same. I thought I’d finally have some distance from your dad. I did think it would be a bad thing if he wanted revenge but now I’m thinking it could be even worse if no one puts him on notice, if he thinks he has freedom to just manipulate us and our child’s life whenever he pleases.”

Episode 1211: Too Late

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