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Episode 1206: Just What I Needed

Shelby curled her old feline body into a fluffy ball between Avalon and the sofa’s arm. It was like the cat understood instinctively that Cal’s daughter was in need of comfort. Cal was glad for the cat’s efforts, Ava did appear at least slightly more soothed while running her fingers through the soft fur.

Cal set down Ava’s requested lemon water on the end table. Coffee in hand, he sat in the armchair. “Try to focus on the good that’s come of all this, you’ve unburdened yourself. There’s no more worrying over when the truth may come out. No more of your spineless father-in-law blackmailing you.”

“You and I both know Phillip Marques isn’t spineless. He’s really not going to like that I told Bas about the blackmail.”

“If he was worried about Sebastian finding out about it, he shouldn’t have blackmailed you in the first place.”

“That’s not the way his mind works,” Ava argued. “He’ll only see me in the wrong here, not put any blame on his own actions.” She reached for a long sip of lemon water. “He’ll be out for revenge.”

“Don’t worry yourself too much about that. You said that Sebastian came out of all this in your corner, that he’s meeting with his father about the blackmail right now. Phillip is intelligent enough to realize that further waging war with you will do nothing to get him back in his son’s good graces and that was the whole point of the blackmail, wasn’t it? He wanted you to encourage Sebastian to spend more time with him. If he makes any more moves against you, Phillip knows it may sever his bond with Sebastian for good.”

“That would be a mute point if Sebastian is the one who severs the bond right now. What would Phillip have left to lose then? What would stop my father-in-law from taking that out on me in some ruthless, devious way?”

“I would stop him and so would Sebastian,” Cal answered. “Most importantly, you will stop him. You are a tougher cookie than you give yourself credit for. Throughout this blackmail ordeal you stood up to Phillip, you put your foot down whenever you could, you did your best to protect Sebastian, your marriage, and yourself.”

“And that was beyond stressful to maintain. That’s why I thought I should tell Sebastian what happened the day of his accident. I didn’t want this hanging over the first months with the baby,” Ava explained. “So I got the truth out and what did I go and do?” Her hand made a flicking motion. “I also told him about the blackmail and I shouldn’t have done that. I just got out of Phillip’s cross-hairs then put myself right back in them.”

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