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Episode 1200: As It Was

Sebastian wasn’t sure what to do when he opened the door to his parents. For one, at this point he never expected them to pay him a visit. For another, his pregnant wife wasn’t exactly fond of them and even though she wouldn’t say so, she’d probably been pretty happy that his parents had again lost interest these last several months.

Sebastian stepped out on to the doorstep, quietly closing the door behind him. “Ava just fell asleep on the sofa while we were watching a movie, so whatever this is, we need to keep it down. She’s been exhausted and I can’t really convince her to rest, so when she accidentally naps, I do what I can to ensure it lasts awhile.”

His mother, Katherine, nodded. “Avalon’s still working everyday?”

“I’m hoping she’ll take some sort of leave sooner than later but she gets these hits of anxiety over leaving the store in other people’s hands even though it was fine earlier in the year when we went on our vacation.” Bas shook his head, gave his dad a bit of side-eye. “I know her feeling that way is understandable, after everything…”

“Anxieties are sometimes heightened during pregnancy,” his mother said. “Ava’s fatigue is normal as well. And, as you can imagine, I’m strongly for women working as long as they please and as long as there are no health issues closing in on their due date. Have her check-ups gone well?”

“Yeah, it hasn’t done much for my nerves though,” Bas admitted.

His mom squeezed his shoulder. “Obviously O/B is not my specialty but I have experience in the field so whatever concerns you have, even if they may seem silly, I want you to call me. As long as I’m not with a patient, I’ll drop whatever I’m doing to talk you through it.”

Sebastian had his doubts that his mother would ever drop anything to jump on a call with any of her children, but the intent certainly seemed heartfelt. “Thanks. I might need to take you up on that.”

“Be sure that you do, Sebastian. I mean it.”

“We’re here for you, son,” his father, Phillip, finally said.

Again, like his mom, his dad seemed sincere. But there was almost always more to his father’s agenda. “It was nice of you to both stop by, to ask about Ava, I appreciate that, and the offer of support. But if you’re here to again start collecting on our debt to you over restoring the bookstore, the last thing I want my wife to feel right now is blackmailed, I know it was well meant, it was about spending time together, but I just can’t force any of this on Ava right now.”

“That’s fine, son,” his dad said. “I’m here to ensure that’s all over.”

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