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Episode 1198: All She Wrote

Hope sat on her bunk staring at the two giant boxes beside her bed. She wasn’t the only camp who’d received enormous care packages from home since aside from a handful of kids like Jenny, everyone was rich. But Hope was the only one who seemed bothered by the overabundance in her care packages.

She shook her head. Jenny’s confrontation with Hope’s parents and Paul had lifted some of the pressure. Hope’s mom had taken control of the situation, deciding how Hope would spend the summer so Hope wouldn’t have that decision on her shoulders. Her mom determined that Hope would spend a chunk of the summer at camp like her dad wanted, but she’d leave earlier than scheduled to return home so that she could get in plenty of visitations with Paul before school took up so much of her time again.

Hope’s father and Paul hadn’t seemed entirely happy about the compromise but the stuff Jenny said to them about how hard all this stuff was on Hope must have sunk in a bit because they didn’t complain about it to Hope, and neither of them tried to sway Hope into changing her mom’s plan.

But her dad and Paul had each sent a giant care box, like even that was a competition. Competing for what and who she liked best.

Everyone else was out in the sunshine enjoying all the camp had to offer in their free do as you please afternoon while Hope stayed indoors stressing over what to write home. It was snail mail letters since the camp discouraged electronics outside of movie night and for those who elected to do tech labs. So on top of struggling over what to write, Hope felt guilty over the amount of paper she’d scrunched up in her failed attempts to get it right.

“I waited for you on the dock,” Jenny announced, walking into the cabin with a dry towel draped around her nape and cargo shorts covering up the bottom of her swimsuit. “I thought you were almost done. We need to practice rowing if we’re going to win that race.”

“I know, I know, and I so want to kick their smug behinds. I just, I thought I was done with my letters but when I was reading them over, reading the stuff I said about dad’s care box and the stuff I said about Paul’s care box and I wondered what if they compared letters? Did I say enough or too much to my dad about sending me those cool board games? And I told Paul those are my favorite cookies he sent me but dad sent me cinnamon roll cookies so what if Paul throws it in his face that-”

Jenny cut off Hope’s spiraling with a hug and said “I have an idea.”

Episode 1199: Tourist

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