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Episode 1196: Rude

“So,” Adria announced, charging right up to her sister’s desk and slapping her palms on to it. “I’m thinking we need to launch a summer campaign of some sort. I’m seeing teenagers and kids all over the city with nothing but time on their hands. Why am I not doing something to take advantage of that? Why aren’t you doing something about it? You know, sometimes I think I should be seeking out some other publicity and marketing enterprise, you guys have not been on this at the level I need to be at.”

Justine’s gaze didn’t leave the open file folder on her desk. She didn’t even say hold on a sec, I need to finish this. Nothing. How rude.

“Justine! Hello! I’m talking to you!”

“I’m wishing I wasn’t hearing you,” Justine snapped. She slammed shut the folder or at least slammed it as much as you possibly could slam paper. Eyes blazing, she said, “do you realize you just barged in here? You didn’t call to ask if I was free to see you. You didn’t even knock on the door, you just barged in here like I’m supposed to drop everything at the snap of your fingers.”

Adria stepped back, taking her hands off the desk which yeah in retrospect had maybe been the wrong body language to start this conversation. She wrapped her arms around her abdomen, chagrined. “I honestly didn’t realize that I’d barged in, but I guess I did. I’m sorry I just had an idea buzzing around my head and I didn’t want to wait to get started on it, you know how I am.”

“I sure do know how you are,” Justine punctuated her very sour toned sentence with a quiet little huff.

“That sounds pretty unflattering,” Adria noted, somewhat discombobulated. She’d come in here thinking she’d do the confronting not the other way around. That’s what you got for mixing business with siblings.

“I am sorry,” Addie offered.

“Yes, well, it’s also pretty unflattering when you work your backside off for someone and they come into your office suggesting that they’re simply going to toss aside all that hard work and take their business elsewhere.”

“Oh.” Definitely rude. She’d been most definitely rude. “Um, yeah, I guess that did sound kind of threatening when you put it that way,” Adria admitted.

“You’re the one who put it that way. I presented you with a great campaign only yesterday and now today you’re already demanding something else or you’ll walk.” Justine shook her head. “Maybe it’s better if you do walk. I’ve said this to you before, I can’t keep feeling like I’m working for dad. I can’t.”

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