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Episode 119: Monkey Business

"We didnít bother with The Hamptons this season, last year watching Paris and these young things, Curran and I decided to call it a day, neither one of us wanted to be doing the Limbo and have our backs go out," Michael laughed, sipping at her favorite champagne.

Justine giggled. "I remember my senior year I shared that beach house with you, my ideal older college friend, I mean I had to beg and plead to go. And hereís my little sister, you know Addie, right? Well, since sheís like thirteen sheís been summering in Spain practically alone, I canít even fathom it,"

"I remember sneaking in through the exit one summer to catch Indiana Jones," Quentin said munching on a cracker dipped in an unknown substance. "Do you have any idea what this stuff is?"

"No clue." Bowie replied; he hadnít even tried any appetizers since he wasnít sure heíd keep anything down. "So Justine, sheís um, normal huh, I mean Iím not trying to be insulting but her brother is-"

Quent smiled. "Oh, her whole family is a plague, but you can trust her- this other guy, I donít know about him, personally, Iím keeping an eye on him, you should probably do the same."

"Bo," Lila said ecstatically rushing over to his side with a large blue shopping bag. "Look at what Curran bought for Jess, itís a- what did you say exactly? Itís a soccer ball-"

"I was telling Lila that Michael reminded me that it was sitting in the closet going to waste, itís a replica of this yearís World Cup ball, my lads didnít fair so well so Iím cleaning house, Iíve a nice supply of shamrock shorts if anyoneís interested?" Mr. Gable said jovially.

Bowie looked at them as though he had just tasted something abominable. "Thatís really nice, itís too bad Jesse isnít really the athletic type, Iím sure heíll like it and all though. Really nice of you to do that for him, partner."

Episode 120: The Call

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