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Episode 118: Independent Woman

Quent was already half-asleep when Justine nudged him. "What would you think if I had a job?"

"Nothing." He muttered into his pillow and was promptly shoved so that he had to brace himself against the nightstand. "I meant that it doesnít matter to me if youíre home all day or if youíre president of the world, Iím not some caveman, okay?"

Minutes passed before he sat up and switched on the lamp. "Are you going to tell me before I fall asleep again? Are you living your dream at The Gap?"

His wife laughed and brushed at his messy hair with her fingertips. "Itís a tiny bit more complicated than that, you know that money in my savings account, and how I told you I wasnít going to use it unless we really needed it because itís the money I made working for my daddy?"

Quentin nodded.

"I went to see Avalon like you suggested, I brought her some of your momís chili, weíve got enough to feed eight thousand so donít be complaining. Anyway, while I was there I met this friend of hers, Bowie, heís trying to buy the market off of his parents and heís having a really tough time getting a loan and here I am with this money just sitting there and so I was thinking..."

Her husband propped himself up on his elbows. "Youíre buying a supermarket? How many times have you even been inside one?"

Episode 119: Monkey Business

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