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Episode 1178: Time For Change

“Selfie moments during the show,” Monica suggested.

“Seconded,” Ryan added with the bubbly enthusiasm their brand was known for, “To get up on that stage and really be a part of the performance would be-”

“You,” Adria couldn’t help interrupting, “you mean going up there and taking photos of yourself while the actors are trying to do their jobs?”

“Exactly!” Wanda bounced in her seat. “The actors would make the ultimate backdrop you’d be putting ticket holders in the spotlight where we belong.”

“Well, I think the actors and other audience members who want to see the show they paid for might have some objections to that but it’s certainly something to think about. You’ve all given me a lot to think about today. Thank you so much for your time and your input here today as well as the online survey, I’m looking forward to going through those for more of your thoughts on how to improve the theater going experience for your generation. It’s much appreciated.”

There. That was polite and diplomatic enough that surely they wouldn’t drag her through social media hell when she didn’t implement any of their ideas.

The group filed out of her office snapping pictures and posting as they went so if nothing else came of this at least the theater would receive a bit of buzz from this focus group.

Adria opened her laptop and combed through the surveys they’d filled out just in case there was a tiny shard of gold in there somewhere. Two hours later her head was in her hands when the theater’s finance guy and the person who had somehow morphed into her closest friend despite his habit of cutting her budgets.

“I’m guessing your afternoon with influencers went as swimmingly as I told you it would.” Javier dropped into the seat opposite Adria’s desk.

“I told you so’s are as helpful as ever so thanks for that.” She stuck out her tongue.

“Is that your way of telling me kindergartners are next on your target audience list?”

“Paste eaters couldn’t come up with much worse suggestions than what I have in front of me right now. Like the one that told me to forget plays and musicals and turn it into a glow in the dark paintball dance party venue instead.”

“There you have it.” Javier smirked. “The key to selling out the theater is actually selling out.”

“There has to be a less appalling way to draw in more patrons. I will figure this out.”

Episode 1179: Fragile

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