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Episode 1176: Starting Over

“Is it even my grandchild?” Phillip asked.

“Unbelievable,” his daughter-in-law replied and promptly ended the phone call.

Phillip quietly set his phone on the coffee table as if he were completely calm. More like numb. What had he just done?

Walter climbed onto the sofa. He placed his hairy chin on Phillip’s thigh and curled up his burly body, tail thumping the sofa cushion a couple times as if declaring his contentment. Phillip scratched behind the dog’s ears, knowing Walter liked that, he liked Phillip when Phillip paid him such attention. It was good to be liked. Phillip forgot that too often. He forgot the old adage of attracting with honey rather than an iron fist.

“I let myself get too frustrated,” Phillip told Walter. “It’s like when you want a treat so badly that you end up misbehaving in your zeal for it and miss out on any reward at all. I’m afraid that’s what I’ve done.”

Phillip moved his hand over Walter. He never would have thought patting a dog could truly be a soothing thing but it did help.

“I can just explain to Ava that I wanted so badly to connect with my son again that I went overboard to make it happen. That’s the truth. Ava is the sort who would appreciate honesty. Plus, she has a soft heart, it won’t be lost on her that at the heart of this was my desire to be close to my family.”

Phillip reached for his coffee cup on the end table. “Suggesting her baby wasn’t Sebastian’s, that was a huge error in judgment, admittedly, that’s going to take a lot of digging out of, but again, I’ll be honest with her, I’ll assure her that I trust that there’s been no ongoing affair.” He just wouldn’t tell her that for a time he’d had her followed to make certain of her innocence.

“I only made that crack about it not being my grandchild because I thought she was bluffing about the pregnancy just like I’ve bluffed about my willingness to crush Sebastian with the truth about the day of his accident. I thought she’d bluffed about the pregnancy, just made it up on the spot to get me to back off for awhile. I know she thinks I’m a bad influence on Sebastian and doesn’t truly want us to spend time together, so I thought she was lying to accomplish that goal. But her tone, Walt, the way she said unbelievable, I know it must actually be true. I must have another grandchild on the way. This is a fresh opportunity, no estrangement, no betrayals, no need to take another chance on Tansy’s shaky loyalty when I can just start over.”

Episode 1177: Acting Up

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