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Episode 1175: Stand Up

Sebastian kissed Ava one last time and promised he wouldn’t be gone long. She gave him a smile and watched him walk out of their home away from home at the resort. Bas was headed out to pick up supplies for a special Valentine’s breakfast. She’d told him it wasn’t necessary but he wasn’t hearing it, the vacation that had already been designed to spoil her had reached a new level of pampering following her visit with the doctor the other day.

Avalon still hadn’t entirely wrapped her mind around the diagnosis even though it was practically all Sebastian had talked about since. While Ava had participated in those conversations, it was almost in an out of body sort of way, like she hadn’t truly let it register yet. She was becoming a little too skilled at this compartmentalizing thing, but it seemed like the only way to keep functioning, just shove down the blackmail, shove down the diagnosis, live right in the moment where there wasn’t anything to worry over.

Ava slid out of bed and grabbed her phone to check out the latest update on her cat, another glowing report. She set the phone on the counter and reached into her bag for shampoo and conditioner placing them on the ledge in the shower stall. Her phone rang just then. She figured it would be Sebastian checking in or asking if she’d thought of anything to add to the shopping list.

But no. It was Sebastian’s dad. There was no pretending this threat didn’t exist when he actively sought her out. The welcome reprieve from queasiness that morning came to a quick end. Ava sank to the cold tile floor, phone in hand, seeing little choice but to confront the situation.

“Yes,” she said, figuring there was no point in feigning a warm greeting.

“Oh, so you two didn’t fall off the face of the earth?” Phillip borderline snarled.

“We just went on vacation like people do,” she said.

“You whisked my son out of the country when you know I’m trying to rebuild our bond. Difficult to build anything when someone is miles away, don’t you think?”

“To be honest it didn’t seem like you were trying hard, you skipped Christmas and-”

“You’re awfully opinionated for someone who lives on such shaky ground.”

He was probably right, but she had to do something, had to say something, had to stop him from thinking he could just push her around like this for the rest of her married life, the stress of it was too much, especially now. “Well, you’re awfully threatening considering I’m carrying your grandchild.”

Episode 1176: Starting Over

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