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Episode 1174: Without You

“My dad’s asking when we’re coming home,” Sebastian said, shaking his head at the phone, so caught up in wondering just how long it had taken his father to even realize they were out of town, that it took a second for him to register the sound a few steps away from him, his wife retching into a flower pot.

He rushed over, shoving his phone into his pocket. Smoothing back her hair with one hand, his other hand running circles on the small of her back until she was done.

They made their way to a nearby bench. Sebastian dug into Ava’s bag producing breath mints and a bottle of water. “That’ll have to do until you’re feeling well enough for us to head back to the resort.”

He pressed a hand to her forehead, relieved when it didn’t feel any different than his own. “I don’t think you have a fever. Do you have a headache or anything other than an upset stomach?” Not that an upset stomach was nothing, especially when you were far away from home and easy access to his brilliant doctor mother. How had Ava done this for months, watch him hurting, unable to truly do anything? His insides were in knots over what was likely nothing more than a simple bug.

“Anything I can do to help you feel better? Maybe see if one of these stalls has something that will settle your stomach?” he asked.

“Did he seem angry?” Ava asked.

Sebastian’s worry for her increased tenfold. “Do you feel woozy or anything like that? Not to alarm you but you aren’t making sense talking about some angry guy, I don’t think we’ve even talked to anyone this morning other to pay for things at the stalls.”

“I meant your father. Did he seem angry in the text? Did he seem angry with you that we went away without telling him?”

“You really need to stop being so concerned about my relationship with my parents. Now isn’t the time to focus on what my dad thinks, not when you aren’t feeling well.”

“I’ll feel even worse if I find out we’ve needlessly upset your parents. You know how they are about vengeance.”

“Vengeance over a spur of the moment vacation would be a little extreme for a situation like this, even for them. And the text didn’t have any kind of tone, so we’re fine on that score, okay? Don’t worry about them. I want to focus on you, get you back to the resort and check in with the doctor there, you hear horror stories about vacation illnesses… Anyways, just to be on the safe side you will see the doctor, right? I know I’m probably just blowing this stomach thing out of proportion, but humor me, okay? I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Episode 1175: Stand Up

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