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Episode 1173: Vacation

Avalon slowly meandered from stall to stall in the sun-drenched market place, browsing through all the pretty and unique wares on display. She’d already purchased several gifts as well as a few treasures for herself, her two tote bags were nearly full.

She smiled even brighter a moment later, glancing at her phone to see the latest photo Tansy sent of Ava’s cat, Shelby, contentedly curled up on her favorite windowsill, basking in a patch of winter light and the attention of her teenage cat-sitter.

When they returned to the city Avalon intended to truly connect with their niece and nephew, fantastic kids who they didn’t know nearly well enough. Tansy and to a lesser extent her little brother were both happy to care for an elderly cat and not just care for her, outright pamper dear Shelby. The kids were a reminder that her husband did in fact have some decent humans in his bloodline.

And just like that, Ava’s stomach dropped. That was all it took, just one thought wandering in the wrong direction and Ava remembered all over again that this lovely relaxed time was more than likely just the calm before Sebastian’s father kicked up a storm over their absence.

“Everything okay?” Sebastian asked, walking up to her and handing her a pastry in exchange for one of her tote bags.

“Oh yeah, it’s fine, I guess my hunger pangs are showing. You’ve arrived just in time.” Avalon put on a smile hoping like all those other times that the vacation would put a genuine one back on her face sooner rather than later. This trip would have been one of the best times of Ava’s life if not for these interludes of impending doom.

“Sorry I took so long,” her husband said. “I thought I remembered which stall sold these the other day, but other times, like a minute ago, you’re, I don’t know, a popped balloon. I just hoped this vacation would be-”

“I’m having the best time, really I am,” Ava insisted in a hurry even though her insides were beginning to roil with presumably a whole heap of anxiety over just taking off without notifying Sebastian’s father. “I do sometimes worry about Shelby and the store but I know they’re in good hands. Everything else is fantastic.”

Avalon was momentarily relieved when Sebastian’s phone trilled, interrupting their conversation, hopeful it would change the subject, until Bach said, “it’s my dad.” And Ava promptly turned and heaved the contents of her stomach into a clay flower pot.

Episode 1174: Without You

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