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Episode 1172: Counting Stars

Lila set the bursting with blooms vase at the corner of her desk. She took a step back taking it all in. Her very own tidy desk in an office she shared with her husband. She could hardly believe this was her life, so polished, professional and successful.

The door opened, Lila was poised to greet a potential client only to see Ava walk inside. The smile did not fall from Lila’s face. Despite how mixed their history, Lila was pleased to see Ava, eager to show off her new digs. “Hey, welcome!”

“The office looks fantastic, Lila. Anyone who walks in here will hire you on the spot just seeing your taste level in how you put this office together. I’m impressed. And I’m so happy for you guys, this is such a big step for your businesses.”

“Thanks, Ava! Let me show you everything!” It wasn’t a ginormous space and by no means required a guided tour but Lila took Ava on one anyway, showing her the event planning look books, inspo boards, the art on the walls, every inch and detail of their new place of business.

“Sorry,” she said at the end of it, though not honestly sorry. “I’m like the new mom who can’t stop showing pictures of her kid.”

“I think it’s great, I really do. I’m so glad to see how enthused you are, I know how much it meant to Bo to give you something that would feel special, he was so stressed over it. Speaking of Bowie, any idea when he’ll be in? I need to talk to him before I leave on vacation. He said he would check on the bookstore while I’m gone so I just have a list of things for him to specifically keep his eye on. I know it’s paranoid, but I mean, you’d feel the same if someone overhauled your office.”

“You finally caved on the vacation! Bas must be stoked. He’s talked a ton about wanting to get away. You think Bowie was stressed, that’s nothing compared to how desperate Sebastian has been to repay you for all those bedside vigils and your wrecked store by giving you an actual break from everything. He must be thrilled, though honestly Ava you need to do better, you’re so not giving off vibes that you’re into this vacation thing, you look more like someone about to walk the plank. Can I give you some advice? Give yourself the same kick in the pants I’ve given myself to start the year. Get life in perspective, you’re going on a vacation, on what planet is that not a good thing?”

“I just can’t stop thinking about everything that could go wrong.”

“That’s probably a sign that you need a vacation. You’re overthinking things. Trust, I did, too, for far too many months last year, don’t make that mistake,” Lila advised. “If you want to be as happy as Bowie and I are right now, you’ve got to start letting go of whatever is making you miserable.”

Episode 1173: Vacation

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