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Episode 1171: One Sweet Day

Lila wondered on the drive over whether Bowie was just making all this up as he went along to try and dig himself out of admitting that the planner had just been a backup gift, that he hadn’t bothered to find her a real deal Christmas present.

It had been a terrible struggle to hold her temper, to stick to her resolution to approach things in a better mood and remember that it was Bowie’s style to get back at her for past misdeeds, he would haven’t done it purposely to make her feel bad.

And after all that stewing on the ride there, all that conjecture that she no longer mattered enough for him to be on top of buying her a Christmas present, it turned out he had a plan. He had keys to a gorgeous old storefront, brick with beautiful vintage details on the doors and window frames.

When Lila stepped inside that storefront she thought maybe he’d rented it out so they could have a romantic lunch just the two of them. Maybe the space or the chef or something just hadn’t been available right at Christmas.

Lila outright glowed over the thought of being treated to such a special afternoon. But when Bowie turned the key in the lock, flicked on the lights, and they stepped inside, the store was empty unless you counted a few stunning antique fixtures.No candlelit table, not even a picnic basket and blanket spread out on the floor.

Disappointment coursed through Lila as did confusion. “The big late Christmas surprise is an empty building?”

“I considered furnishing it but I figured I’d pushed it enough choosing this place without your input. I thought you’d prefer your own spin on the interior. Besides, this gift was already delayed and I really just wanted to get on with showing you that I believe in you, I trust in you, and I’m invested in us and that’s why I got us this office.”

“Whoa, what? This is our office?” The glow rushed back through Lila, brighter even than when she’d thought it a private lunch specially for her. “We have an office? We’re sharing an office?”

Bowie nodded. “I thought with the way our businesses are thriving it was time for actual office space, this is a central location and I figured stylish enough to pass muster with your fancier clients. What do you think? Is it okay? I thought we could still have our separate operations but maybe try out more collaborations, too, since the Halloween and Christmas events were such successes. We make a great team, Lilac, I wanted to give you a gift that would show you how I feel about us as a team, that I believe in what solid partners we've grown into, that I celebrate it. I know an office into the most typically romantic gift but that was the intention.”

Episode 1172: Counting Stars

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