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Episode 1168: It's a Wonderful Life

“This feels familiar.” Sebastian walked away from the snowy scene outside the expansive front window and dropped down beside Ava on the sofa. Starving at long past the appointed dinner hour, he reached for another of the gingerbread cookies on the coffee table that the chef had laid out earlier.

“It was always like this when we were kids.” He shook his head. “You know that though, not that we were kids then, but you were there, you saw it when you worked here, their inability to show up half the time, even on holidays.”

“Emergencies happen, sometimes it just can’t be helped or maybe the snow is worse in the city and they’re waiting it out,” Avalon offered.

Sebastian shook his head again. He marveled at his gorgeous wife, beautiful not just in the obvious sense in her silky emerald dress and long dark hair flowing over her shoulders, she was as beautiful as could be on the inside, too. They’d had their bumps and then some, he’d had his concerns about Xavier, but Xavier wasn’t in the picture anymore, all that was behind them and he just felt incredibly lucky to be married to her, especially in a moment like this when he felt so inexplicably down. It wasn’t like he should have had expectations of his parents after all this time.

“Thank you for that,” he said, watching the play of the twinkling lights reflecting against her skin. Why he missed his family when he had her was beyond him. “I know you’re probably relieved that my parents are no shows, you have every reason to feel that way about them but you don’t have any reason to make excuses for them other than you’re an inherently nice person.”

“If I was that nice I would have been more supportive about you spending time with them over the years. Seeing how disappointed you’ve been tonight, the sad little boy look in your eyes,” Ava brushed at a lock of his hair, “that’s why I made excuses, not for them, for you. I’m sorry. Clearly spending time with them does mean something to you, I should have been more understanding about that, I’ll try to be going forward. It’s not like I’m the only person who’s ever had issues with their in-laws, if both you and-” she noticeably swallowed, “your father want to be closer I’ll try to have a better attitude about it. That’ll be the best thing for everyone.”

Avalon nodded at her own sentiment and then more, like she was convincing herself in the process.

Bas kissed her hairline and pulled her in tight to his side, leaving his arm wrapped around her. “It means a lot that you’re willing to try and that you aren’t doing it because my father is blackmailing us, that you would try for me, but look at tonight, Christmas, they invited us and they aren’t even here. I don’t think you need to worry making room for them in our lives.”

“Your dad will probably have something to say about it,” she replied, her voice full of warning.

Sebastian shook his head. “If he’s not even going to show up, neither am I. This is ridiculous. C’mon.” He stood, grateful that he now could, and held out a hand to her, “let’s go home.”

“Your father could show up any minute now and-”

“And he’ll see that we’re through living under his thumb.”


“It’s not like he didn’t owe you anyway for making those changes to the store without your go ahead. As far as I'm concerned we’ve paid him back enough considering he’s the one who actually owed you in the first place. It’s even enough now. We don’t need to wait around here. I don’t care if he has a problem with it.”

“I care if he has a problem with it.”

Episode 1169: Time For Change

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