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Episode 1165: Most Wonderful Time

“Was there something else you needed, Tansy?” Her still relatively new boss Cal Baird asked, not in a mean way or anything though his tone definitely suggested that their business had concluded and she should have moved on rather than linger or listen to a meeting she wasn’t invited to attend.

She itched to throw in some ideas about the little she’d just overheard but Mr. Baird had already squashed that sort of thing a number of times. She wasn’t to overstep the parameters of her job which was basically to be a gopher or an assistant to assistants.

Again, Mr. Baird was never mean about it, but clearly becoming exasperated by it. He understandably didn’t see her as qualified to venture opinions and comment on his business practices or any of the other stuff her grandpa welcomed her input on.

“Um, no, sir, I don’t need anything, I , uh,” she didn’t want him thinking that she hadn’t his reprimands, didn’t respect him so she did her best to cover for her slip up. “I jusst wanted to make sure there were no notes or anything from this meeting that you wanted to run upstairs since I’m already taking these invoices to financial.” She waved the folder.

“No, nope, that will be it, thanks, but good show of initiative, Tansy.”

Unfortunately that wasn’t the kind of iniative she enjoyed, If she could have just one wish come true for Chirstmas it would be to leave this boring boxed in job and return to Marques, even if her grandpa was way more of a tyrant than Mr. Baird, it would be to leave this boring boxed in job and return to Marques even if her grandpa was way more of a tyrant than Mr. Baird, working alongside him was so much more fun.

“I truest you to take care of this Lila, you really don’t need to keep checking in with me on this,” an exaspered Phillip Marques said.

“That’s what you say now but last year you and your granddaughter micromanaged your holiday office party to death. I do’nt want any complaints later that I failed to consult-”

“Enough. I won’t complain unless you continue to bother me with this drivel. Just do the samethings my granddaughter ultimately instructed you to do last year.”

Lila nodded and muttered, “she was a lot better to work with,” under her breath on her way out.

Phillip couldn’t say he disagreed. The office, his life’s work, had become perfunctory, boring, in his granddaughter’s absence. For the most wonderful time of the year, evrything seemed to feel rather miserable and irritating.

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