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Episode 1160: Wishes

Sarette stood at the precipice of her son’s living room with her jaw hanging open.

“It’s a lot, I know. I’m still figuring out which bits I’ll actually put up, that’s why it’s kind of all over the place at the moment,” Paul said.

“I have been very busy lately with so much organizing for various charities and guilds so time has admittedly flown by for me, but this is all a little early in the season for you isn’t it?”

“I’m not decorating yet, like I said, I’m figuring it out, combining some newly delivered stuff with what I bought last year. I want it to look good since most of the neighborhood goes all out. I’ve thought about asking Hope if she wants to help me with this. It’s really more her type of thing than mine.”

“And you miss her,” Sarette said.

Slowly, very slowly, Paul nodded. “And I miss her.”

“This summer was probably the happiest I’ve ever seen you. I’m so sorry those visits came to an end.”

“Me, too.” Paul cleared some boxes of string lights and ornaments from the sofa, leaving room for mother and son to sit down. “I tell myself how great it is that she's got these parents who prioritize school, who think she should solely focus on that instead of juggling it with a job.”

“Except that leaves no excuse for her to come see you.”

“I saw her on Halloween.” Paul smiled. “She dressed up as Katherine Johnson, did I tell you that? You know the- Oh, I have photos.” He reached for his phone. Sarette nodded as he scrolled through the trio of photos.

“She looks just as adorable as the last time you showed those to me. How many times a day do you look at those and the photos from your summer projects with her?” His mother asked.

“Not enough that it feels like she’s here. Same with keeping in touch on the phone. I know it was only a few days a week in the summer not like she was actually living here but I guess I just really got used to having her here.”

“I’m sorry, son. Is there a possibility she’ll actually be able to help decorate or is all this just wishful thinking?”

Paul shrugged.

“Maybe you’ve reached the point where it’s time to fight for more certainty when it comes to access to your daughter.”

“That isn’t what she wants to do.”

“What do you want to do? You’re the adult here. You’re the parent. As much as you should try to respect her wishes, your wishes matter, too.”

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