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Episode 1159: On My Way

Sporting a scarecrow costume like her husband, their son, and the rest of the crew she’d hired to work the Halloween Harvest, Lila spotted Bowie adjusting the light inside one of the jack ‘o’ lanterns and gleefully wrapped her arms around him.

“I am such an awesome event planner,” she squealed.

“Ever so humble, too.” Bowie grinned.

“When you’ve done as well as we have with this, it’s totally right to do some strutting about it. I just came from the ticket booth and the numbers Nate told me for the month. Of course he emphasized that they were still preliminary totals but wow, going into this I would have been impressed by even half that number. Move over Phillip Marques, there’s new moguls in town.”

“Yeah, let’s not aspire to be that guy, okay? I’m a big fan of my children actually talking to me. Speaking of which,” Bowie nodded ahead to where their son, Jesse, his friend, Caroline, and her little sister strolled, each consuming a large swirl of black and orange cotton candy.

Everyone waved, though after they’d passed by, a frown had slipped across Bowie’s face.

“I’m sure Jesse’s just taking his break,” Lila said. “He’s a hard worker, he wouldn’t skip out, you know that’s not his style.”

“I know, I’m not concerned about that. It’s Caroline. He doesn’t want to just be friends with her but that’s all he’s been for a very long time now. I’m just afraid at some point, he’ll... he’ll feel broken by this.”

“He’s one year away from being done with school, Bo. We can’t protect him forever.”

“Comforting, Lilac, thanks.”

Lila went quiet for far longer than was generally her style.

Bowie kissed her temple. “Sorry for sort of snapping. It’s just when I think of him investing so much time and so much of his heart into a relationship that may never be what he wants it to be, I just wish I could convince him that he doesn’t need to hold on to his first love if it’s only going to crush him. There are other girls.”

“She’s not like me, you know, I mean that’s clearly what you’re worried about, right,” Lila bit back. “I was your first love and I crushed you a bunch of times and you’re horrified that Jesse might hang his heart on someone as awful and mistake-prone as his mom. Well, rest easy, Caroline is nothing like me, she’s practically as saintly as your precious, Avalon.” With that and her mood light years from what it had been, Lila stomped away from her husband.

Episode 1160: Wishes

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