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Episode 1157: Wouldn't It be Nice

It wasn’t like he was doing this for kicks. At least that wasn’t entirely it. Did his daughter-in-law deserve to squirm? Definitely. Phillip understood that he shouldn’t press the issue too hard though. If he had Avalon too jumpy over the possibility of him ratting her out she might be inclined to just come clean with Sebastian and that wouldn’t do anyone any good, especially not Sebastian.

Phillip didn’t want to see his son wounded any more than Ava did, that they could agree on. He did though want to actually see his son and Ava had consistently put herself in the way of that happening in recent years. That was the real reason he had every intention of keeping her under his thumb.

Ava, in all her hypocritical glory, had long objected to Phillip and his wife’s involvement in their son’s life, as if she hadn’t hurt him far more than they ever had. So Phillip was using Avalon’s indiscretion or friendship, whatever you wanted to believe it was, as an opportunity to right an egregious wrong.

He wasn’t blackmailing Avalon for payback so much as to even the playing field, because she’d left him no choice, she pushed Sebastian to cut his parents out of his orbit and Phillip had now found a way to push back.

It was a win-win for his son. Phillip would ensure that Ava severed ties with Xavier, sparing Sebastian a broken heart, meanwhile Sebastian could be ushered back into the fold where he belonged with Ava no longer in a position to stand in the way.

Phillip smiled and savored a bite of a luxuriously buttery dinner roll. “Son, I brought this up at our lunch a few weeks ago and you sidestepped the answer but it needs to be mentioned again.” Sebastian had more than sidestepped the subject, as usual Sebastian had been more interested in chatting about Ava and the bookstore, more invested in Ava’s future than his own. “Have you given any thought since then as to what you’ll do with yourself now that your health has vastly improved?”

“He shouldn’t be rushed, Phillip,” his wife admonished. “You’re not a medical professional, you can’t possibly have a full grasp of the trauma he’s experienced.”

“I’m not suggesting he enter a triathlon. I saw as well as anyone the damage done,” Phillip countered, “which is how I know it would be beneficial for Sebastian to have something to focus on beyond reliving the horror of being struck down.” And beyond Ava, too. There was such a thing as being far too wrapped up in another person, at least if Sebastian finally took his rightful place at the company he’d have something in his life that wasn’t tied up with a woman who had eyes for someone else.

“He’ll take shifts at the book store like he used to, when he’s ready,” Ava asserted. “Like Dr. Marques said, there’s no need to rush it.” She squeezed Sebastian’s hand. “Come back at your own pace.”

“To be honest, I haven’t been thinking much about returning to the store,” Bas said which sounded promising to his father until he added, “now that the store is back in shape and running smoothly, I thought maybe we could take along vacation somewhere, months even, just the two of us. You’re overdue for some time off, Avalon, we should take it together.”

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