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Episode 1152: We're Gonna Win

To Tansy’s relief, no other students had infiltrated she and Theresa’s lunch spot in the woods across from the school’s soccer field. Senior year was off to a stressful start so she was beyond glad to have a relatively quiet place to grab a midday break.

“Can you believe that quiz in chem? My head is still spinning from trying to remember everything,” Theresa declared, dropping her new leopard print backpack onto the grass, her backside following suit.

“I know, I was like, sweating the whole time even though I studied a ton,” Tansy said, pulling out the crackers, cheese and grapes she’d brought for lunch. “It seemed like a lot for this early in the year.”

“Too much,” Theresa added, peeling open the lid on her salad and drenching it in dressing, probably negating any and all nutritional value.

“I packed for just such an academic emergency.” Theresa reached into her backpack and produced her favorite snack food, cool ranch chips. She ripped open the bag and placed it between them to share. “Carly turned down my invite to the dance, too, so between that and the quiz I figured it was definitely a treat myself kind of day.”

“I’m sorry she didn’t like you back,” Tansy said, crunching into a chip, relieve that she no longer felt ill at ease when the subject of romance came up, at least not with her friends and family, who respected her privacy, didn’t push her to define herself even though most of the world seemed to expect you to declare you pronouns and your sexuality right up front like somehow keeping personal things personal mean you were ashamed, which wasn’t the case for Tansy, not anymore.

She had no issue with anyone who did make those declarations, good for them if that felt right for them, it was just that what felt right for her was something else. She didn’t feel confused at this point or the need to be like everyone else, this was her, a girl who lied girls, a girl who was asexual and all of that was her own business, her to discuss when and if she wanted to and with those she was close to and who accepted her as is.

So even though she still had a crush on Enid who maybe possibly had a crush on a boy, that part of Tansy’s world was a breeze compared with college applications, maintaining her grades, keeping up with mounds of homework, and worse of all, the mess with her grandpa.

“It’s cool, Carly’s not the only girl in the world,” Theresa said. “I’ll have more fun just hanging out with you and Enid that night anyway. I mean, unless you’ll be busy, I hope you’ll be busy, I know how much you want a new after-school job, did those leads the other day pan out?”

Once upon a time she’d had her future all mapped out, learning the business ropes to apply them to her charitable passions but her on the job training had careened to a screeching halt. She solemnly shook her head. “The options aren’t quite what I had with my grandpa and if I do luck into a situation like that, how is it going to seem to an employer when the find out my own grandpa fired me. That’s really not a good look.”

“Your grandpa fired you for no good reason and he’s the one who should have to explain himself,” Theresa said. “Are you busy after school? It’s not one of your days at the animal shelter, right? We should go to your grandpa’s office and demand the recommendation you deserve.”

Episode 1153: Under Fire

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