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Episode 1148: My Saving Grace

“I bought some pastries, sorry they’re not homemade,” Ava said. “I haven’t had much spare time.” She took a seat on a deck chair after setting out the selection of danishes on a low table where her dad had placed some croissants, fruit, and carafes of coffee and orange juice.

Her dad sat opposite her. “I’m sure they’re almost as delicious as what you would have made, besides, if I had to choose I’d take your company any day over your baking.”

“I’m sorry I haven’t had much time for anything outside the bookstore lately. I don’t like going this long without visiting or at least a few good phone conversations, especially after what a great support you were through all those hospital months. I hope you understand that I haven’t meant to ignore you or anything, just circumstances…”

“If anyone understands it’s someone who’s spent the bulk of his adult life building a business empire. That can take up a lot of your time if you let it or as in my case if you want it to monopolize your time like I used to.” He plated a danish and some grapes. “But that’s not who you are, Ava. You have a full life. You had a healthy balance of hobbies, work, and loved ones, you enjoyed it that way.”

“Well, doing a total rebuild of the store hasn’t allowed for a lot of balance. This isn’t what I’d expected to happen. Getting back to normal, the challenge of that didn’t just stop when he left the hospital.”

“I really regret that I didn’t take it upon myself to manage the store during your leave. Like I’ve said, I’m sorry that wasn’t one of my priorities at the time.”

“You prioritized me and I really needed that, dad, I wouldn’t have gotten through that time without you.”

“I’m glad you feel that I was a help. My offer still stands to be of help to you in this, too. Treat it as a loan if you like, or better still, as a gift, whatever you need to make the book store’s transition easier on you. You’ve been through a lot this year, don’t let pride stand in the way of receiving the help you need.”

“It turns out I don’t need a loan. I’m covered. That’s how I was able to carve out time to be here with you today,” Ava said. “As we speak there’s a crew re-installing shelves and moving in other furniture and fixtures. Later I’ll be putting in orders for the stock that was depleted and also a have a team bring in the other stock from the storage room that mercifully hadn’t been gotten rid of yet. That’s a lot more progress than I was expecting and all courtesy of Phillip Marques. He finally gave over the money to put things right.”

“As he should have done eons ago,” her dad pointed out. “There’s no shame in accepting money he truly did owe you. You shouldn’t look so miserable. This is a positive turn of events.”

“It would be had he done this out of the goodness of his heart. This isn’t that. Not at all.”

Episode 1149: Chances Are

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