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Episode 1147: Payback

The expression on Ava’s face must have given away just how anxious she was inside.

“I know you worry about the influence my dad could have on me if I spend too much time with him, especially after all the stuff with my mom trying to pay off Xavier and well, I wasn’t exactly innocent where Xavier was concerned, either, but I promise you, nothing shady went on with my dad at my lunch today.”

“You had lunch with him and then you bought lunch on top of that, I’m confused.” Especially by the idea that Sebastian’s father wasn’t up to anything shady.

“The lunch I bought is for you, the full deluxe treatment including dessert. I figured it’s probably been awhile since you took a legitimate break during the workday, and after the talk with my dad I figured you might be open to taking that break if some of the financial pressure is off of you.”

He took out his phone and showed her their bank balance which was exceedingly higher than it had been.

“Where did that come from?” Not that Ava didn’t have a good idea of where it had come from or rather a very bad feeling about it.

“It’s from my dad. I had a talk with him about the bookstore and about how wrong it was for him to make those changes without your consent. I told him he needed to make good on it.”

“And just like that he complied?” Yeah, she definitely didn’t have a good feeling about this.

“Seems he was in a much more accommodating mood with you than he was with me.”

“Not at first. He was insistent that the store would be better off he didn’t help you put it back the way it was.”

“Then he magically changed his mind? That does not sound like your father.” So what was Phillip Marques up to now?

“It took some time to talk him around, for sure, it wasn’t easy to get though to him what an uphill battle you’re in here and that it is his fault. But eventually we got there, now you have the money to get your stock and the set up of the store back the way it was and to hire some temps to help you put it all together, relieve some of your labor. And please don’t act like this is a handout that you need to refuse. He was to blame, he owed you.”

The question was just how much payback it involved. “That’s it? He just opened his wallet? No strings?” she asked. “Well maybe a couple strings, but not that bad considering you can now get your store in shape faster. It’s a good trade-off.”

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