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Episode 1146: Shiver

“Oh, hey, I thought you called it a day earlier,” Ava said when Sebastian located her in what used to be the children’s section but now to her dismay like much of the store, that section now mostly consisted of social media anointed best selling thrillers and romantic comedies.

“Did you at least go home to rest for awhile? I’m serious about not wanting to see you strain yourself. It’s taken a long time to get to where you’re at, I couldn’t stomach seeing you backslide.” It would just be one more thing for her to feel guilty over.

“I admit, I am pretty tired, but it’s worth it.’

“Is it?” Her hands flew up in dismay. “I get that you’re excited to have more mobility, that it’s much easier for you to get out in the world right now so you’re taking advantage of all that you’ve missed out on for the last year, but I’d feel a lot better about this if you were taking it more gradually. You’re still building your body back up, if you tax it too much…”

Ava shook her head, exasperated, concerned, thinking of all those months in the hospital. “How can you say it’s worth it? It’s worth the risk of wearing out your body to pick up lunch?” She gestured at the bag in his hand from a fancy sandwich shop. “There are places that deliver. I just don’t understand-”

“I needed to visit my dad anyway so I figured since I was already on that side of town, may as well grab lunch.”

“You went to see your dad?” As if her insides hadn’t already been in enough of a tumult, it was like a boulder dropped through her. Phillip Marques had evaded communication since learning the truth behind his son’s accident. Yet now he’d talked to Sebastian. Panic shivered through Ava at the possibilities.

But no. No. Bas didn’t seem upset. He’d brought lunch. They were still okay then? His father hadn’t used what he knew? Wasn’t that out of character for the elder Marques?

“I guess he must have been pleased to see your progress. And you guys… you had a chance to catch up?”

“Yeah, a bit, but more importantly we talked about you.”

And just like that, the boulder dropping through her and the shivering panic returned with a vengeance. While Ava knew that her husband hadn’t always made the best choices, she still wouldn’t have considered him as duplicitous like his father. She couldn’t see him showing up here behaving as if all was right only to lower the boom. But people did all kinds of things when severely wounded, didn’t they? Maybe they even turned into their vindictive father.

Episode 1147: Payback

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