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Episode 1144: The Answer To Our Life

“We should do this more often,” Phillip said between bites of pasta.

“Definitely,” Sebastian agreed before squishing his deluxe gourmet burger into a manageable height.

It really wasn’t so bad spending time with his father, mostly because Sebastian had yet to make his request about the bookstore. They’d talked a bit about baseball, some stuff in the news and his dad had surprisingly even more to say about his dog than about his business.

But Phillip Marques did of course eventually talk business, he couldn’t help himself.

“It’s really exciting times at the office,” his dad was saying after detailing his latest triumph at work. “Now that your days aren’t being entirely monopolized by physio maybe you should do some recalculating about your future. The bookstore is Avalon’s passion project. You need more than riding her coattails. It’s not a good idea to be so reliant on someone else for your happiness, to give anyone else, even your loved ones that much power over you. What you need is to start thinking about setting yourself some career goals. You could even come to work with me, like I said, it’s exciting times there. You should seriously consider it, son, doing something just for you and not just because Ava wants you to, it’s as necessary to recovery as anything else, it’s important to step out and be your own person.”

Sebastian was well aware that working at Marques would be far more for his father than for him. But his father would be likelier to hand over anything the bookstore needed if Sebastian did what he wanted in return. Not that Sebastian wanted to work at Marques, and Ava would hate the idea, see it as a deal with the devil, which it probably kind of would be.

There had to be a way to maneuver this though.

“Well, dad, I do still have to continue with physio for now and it looks like any free time I have apart from that needs to be devoted to helping Ava undo all those changes you approved at the bookstore. That is unless you’re willing to foot the bill on undoing all of that yourself, make it easier for Ava to put it all back the way she wanted it.”

“I have no intention of taking anything off of your wife’s plate, it’s best that she’s kept busy,” his father said. “Avalon has shown a lack of good judgment when it comes to free time.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Sebastian asked.

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