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Episode 1142: Sleep At Night

“I just, I wanted him to think that his father had done the right thing by the store so he wouldn’t call up his dad demanding action only to get an earful about my supposed affair.” Ava offered the explanation in a low voice though the only customer milling about the place was Nate who had a decided lack of interest in the personal lives of his parents’ friends.

“I can’t hardly sleep at night as it is and now today, I mean when he left here, he promised to go home and get some rest, not overdue things, and he promised he understood why I didn’t tell the truth but… Maybe I should just tell Bas everything and hope he believes me. If he hears it from his father first, isn’t that who he’ll think is telling the truth?”

“But if Marques was going to tell Sebastian anything, why hasn’t he already done it?” Bowie asked.

Ava shrugged. “Because he’s calculating? That’s how he does things, he calculates every move. I tried to convince him that he’s wrong about my friendship with Xavier but I just, I don’t know if I got through to him at all, he keeps his cards close. Maybe this delay in his squealing to Bas isn’t even about calculating how and when to tell Bass in a way to ensure he turns against me and comes fully back into the family fold where Phillip has always wanted him to be. Of course, maybe this delay isn’t even about getting Bas on his side, Phillip’s probably confident that will happen no matter what, and this, this is the satisfaction of making me squirm, making me wonder when he’ll drop the ax on me.”

Bowie reached up, massaging his nape.

“This,” Ava said, “is where the best friend reassures me that I’m just being paranoid and the reason Phillip Marques hasn’t said anything yet is because he’s not going to say anything.”

“That could be true,” Bowie said in a tone that didn’t suggest he was just blowing smoke. “Yeah, he isn’t always one of the good guys, but he is Sebastian’s father. He went through all those months of hospitalization, too, so maybe it’s occurred to him that Sebastian shouldn’t relive the incident that set all this in motion. Maybe Phillip Marques will surprise you and be a decent human being who isn’t going to add to his son’s hurt by spreading a lie.”

“I hope that’s right, I truly, truly do,” Ava said. She swiped a tear from her left eye. “He’s made so much progress. He came here today eager to surprise me with the news that he’s out of the wheelchair, instead what he got was lie upon lie from me and I’m so afraid if he gets the biggest lie from his father, it will undo Sebastian all over again.”

Episode 1143: Second Wind

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