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Episode 1138: A Rock and A Hard Place

“Are you disappointed in me?” Paul asked after unburdening years worth of secrets about the daughter his mother never knew he had.

“This, it’s a lot to digest but Paul, obviously I’d be a big hypocrite if I thought poorly of you for this.”

Sarette reached out and took one of Paul’s hands in both her own. “I trust that you did as I did which was make what you felt was the best choice for everyone at the time. You weren’t ready to be a parent and so you entrusted your baby’s care to someone else.”

She sighed. “There are people who look at that as taking the easy way out but when you have firsthand experience with the situation like I do, you understand just how difficult it actually is. I wish you’d felt like you could come to me with this sooner, that I could have provided some support no matter your choice. I’m not disappointed in you. I am sad though that you and I have this in common. I’m sorry you know how it feels to never be sure if you did the right thing and to long to connect with your daughter but not know if it’s your place to do so.”

Paul nodded.”Like I said, she wants to hang out here over the summer with your daughter but not tell her parents she has a summer job somewhere. She says she doesn’t want her parents feelings hurt over her spending time with me.”

He stood up and paced. “Going behind their backs, that doesn’t seem like it will end well when they eventually find out. I think her mom would be cool with it if I was upfront with her and just asked for visitation, that’s basically what Lucy says she offered her. But Curran Gable… I haven’t had great run-ins with that guy. He would be against Hope and I getting to know each other. He’s why I’m wondering if maybe Hope isn’t right, that the only way to go is not formalize this and just visit without her parents involvement. Even as I say that though my gut is recoiling at doing anything behind their back, at them putting me back where I was which is not seeing her at all. But…”

“I haven’t spoken very often with Curran. I certainly haven’t heard good things in our circle either,” his mother said. “I fear you really are in a no-win situation.”

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