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Episode 1135: Emotions

Hope gulped the water. She’d meant to nurse it, to drag out this opportunity to sit and talk with her biological father for a while but between the warmth of the day and that bike ride, the moment the cool water hit her lips she couldn’t resist guzzling it down to the last drop.

“Thanks,” Hope said with a satisfied sigh. “I guess I really needed that.”

Paul slid his not yet touched water glass towards her. “In case you need more. You know, if you’re going to do something as physical as biking on a day like this you need to prepare ahead of time, make sure you’re hydrated.” He pushed the plate of brownies closer, too. “It’s smart to fuel up, too.”

“This probably isn’t the kind of fuel actual cyclists use,” Hope noted. “So I’m glad I’m not an actual cyclist.”

They laughed together as each reached for a thick gooey brownie. It was nice. Laughing with her biological dad, and eating delicious sweets. “These are so good. Thanks for sharing them with me.”

“No problem. My mother is always eager for an excuse to pop by and that excuse is usually in the form of baked goods from all the trendiest shops. I’m happy to share the bounty with someone.”

“Your mom sounds nice,” Hope said. She wanted more information but tried to keep her fishing subtle. She didn’t want him suspecting their connection, she didn’t want this turning into a drama for everyone, especially not her parents.

“Yeah, my mom is nice, cares too much about what everyone in her circle thinks, she’d probably be happier if she ignored all that but mothering me makes her happy so I try not to complain too much about her invading my space even when it is a bit much at times,” Paul said. “What about your parents? Are they strict? Or, I mean, you’re sitting here with a male stranger, so are they not strict enough?”

Hope frowned. “My parents are really great. I wouldn’t trade them for anyone.”

Paul winced a little. “Sorry, that sounded judgmental and it’s not like there’s any actual stranger danger from me, I’m just concerned that you’re going door to door fundraising or whatever by yourself and I’d just, I’d think involved parents would be concerned, too.”

“Or course they’re concerned about me, all the time, which is more, way more than you can say.”

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