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Episode 1133: Survivor

“He wouldn’t talk to me, so I don’t know much. He just said he couldn’t talk to me. What I did, it felt so horrible to him, such a violation of his trust that he wasn’t sure he could be civil enough to have a conversation with me just now,” Tansy said.

Walking home it had been her intention to keep the situation to herself, wait patiently for her grandpa to calm down and see reason. But now she’d been cornered at the dinner table. Her dad had brought Xavier home. Xavier whose run in with Tansy’s grandpa that morning had led to all this. It was all any of the adults in the room wanted to discuss.

They all knew Tansy had been scheduled to work at Marques Enterprises that afternoon and asked for Tansy’s take on her grandfather’s mood. She’d told them work had been fine, normal, she didn’t want to rat out her grandpa for having an off day, he’d only reacted the way he had because he’d been upset, worried his son was going to be hurt some more.

But Tansy’s little brother hadn’t let her gracefully bow out of the conversation. Hero had noted that work couldn’t have been normal because he saw her come into the house and go to her room earlier than normal and her face had been wet even though it hadn’t rained.

Her parents and Xavier jumped on the idea that she’d been crying and they blamed grandpa. It was true she had cried a little, and felt furious, too, until she’d thought it all through.

“Grandpa was upset. And I was upset because he didn’t even give me a chance to defend myself and I thought he’d fired me. But it was just that he was upset for Uncle Sebastian, concerned he’d be, like, triggered. Once grandpa cools off I’m sure he’ll apologize and tell me I’m not fired.”

“Firing you for being a decent friend and for not inflaming a bad situation, yep, of course my father would fire someone for doing what she felt was morally right. Classic Phillip Marques behavior,” Tansy’s mom pointed out. “I warned you Tans that any association with him would end up with you hurt or disappointed. I could strangle him for this. I told him he better treat you right.”

“I really don’t think he’ll fire me,” Tansy said. “We’ll talk it out soon. He’s not- He’s a better person than he used to be.”

“If you ask me, this is the one good thing to come from all of this. I never was comfortable with you working for your grandfather and possibly falling under his influence,” her dad said.

“I’m so sorry about this, kid,” Xavier offered. “I’m sorry you were pulled into the middle of this because of me. I know you loved that job, feeling like you were to a degree curbing corporate corruption.”

“It’s not past tense,” Tansy corrected. “I still love my job. I still have my job. Grandpa will understand why I didn’t tell him what I knew once we have the chance to talk.”

Her parents exchanged a look like they knew something Tansy didn’t.

“You know my agency does all kinds of interesting work. I bet Michael would be open to finding you an afternoon position with us,” her mom said.

“I don’t need another job, Mom. I like where I’m at and so does grandpa. He wouldn’t fire me for this.”

Episode 1134: Daylight

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