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Episode 1130: Nothing At All

Xavier passed the inventory list across the desk to Quentin. “I know I was a bit late coming in today, again, I’m sorry about that but I’m ready for whatever you need me to do now. If you have a list of things that need to get done sign me up right now.”

“Like I told you earlier, you’re not chronically late so it isn’t a big deal, these things happen,” Quentin said. “As for what to do next, have you glanced at a clock lately? It’s well past time to go home.”

“I don’t mind staying late and-”

“Truly you don’t need to make up for this morning, especially since you already went above and beyond today cramming two days of work into one.”

“But I mean if there’s anything that needs to be done, I have the time, I-”

“Why don’t you take a seat and relax a minute,” Quent suggested. He pulled two sodas from the old mini fridge behind his desk, handing one to Xavier.

“Is everything okay?” Quent asked once they were both seated. “You never did say what held you up this morning. I’m guessing whatever it is has something to do with why you’re so eager for busy work. Wanna let me in on what you need to be distracted from?”

Xavier sighed. He took a swig of soda. “I did a stupid thing. After you let it slip that the bookstore was virtually unrecognizable I felt guilty for not doing more to stop that from happening, for not protecting Ava’s work.”

“So in other words whatever regrettable thing you did to feel less guilty is partly my fault.”

“This is all on me. My bad judgment. I didn’t think it through. I just, the way I grew up, my dad…” Xavier shook his head. “It’s not a rescue the damsel in distress to puff up my chest thing, I know how strong she is. And it wasn’t about winning her back either. It’s those childhood triggers, bullying is really hot button for me. I know Marques is a different type of bully than my father was, he wouldn’t hurt her like that, but still, he does throw his weight around.”

“To say the least,” Quent agreed.

Xavier went on to detail everything that had happened on the sidewalk outside of Marques industries. “I don’t care what he tries to do to me in retaliation for this fictitious affair, but I am worried about the blow-back on Ava. She wanted to stay married and Marques could destroy that if he goes to Sebastian with this.”

“You’re sure you don’t deep down want that to happen? That maybe unconsciously that’s why you showed up there today.”

Xavier stilled. He shook his head. “I’d rather see her with Sebastian than see her hurt over losing him.”

Quent nodded. “Well, you weren’t having an affair, Ava will make that clear and Marques may see it as the best thing not to spread a rumor to his son. Maybe you’re concerned for Ava over nothing at all.”

Episode 1131: Good While It Lasted

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