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Episode 1125: Should've Known Better

“She’s really excited about it which is always good to see, yammering non-stop about something is definitely better than the alternative,” Quentin said as he and Xavier walked away from the food truck, each with an overflowing submarine sandwich and a soda in hand.

“Yeah,” Xavier replied, “Tansy’s sent me a million texts about all her ideas for the pet adoption event, not to mention how eager she is for me to adopt one. She insists it will be good for me, that it even changed her grandfather for the better.”

“I don’t know that it’s possible for that man to ever be anything other than a tyrant.”

“Mostly agreed,” Xavier said as they stopped at a bench across from the stadium where they’d take in a ballgame later that afternoon.

Now that Xavier had plenty of years between him and fame, such a public venue wasn’t as worrying. Music fans had mostly forgotten him and Xavier was good with that. As much as he would always love playing and writing, he hadn’t been built for the attention or the scrutiny, good riddance to that. Especially since now that he felt okay with being out in public, he could relax and hang out with a friend.

Xavier wasn’t much of a sports guy still he’d welcomed the invitation from Quent to get out of his own head that too often was preoccupied with how Avalon fared.

“Mostly?” Quent asked before taking a bite of sandwich. “You mostly agree that Phillip Marques is a tyrant? Just for starters the guy spread very private details about your life in the pages of a magazine, never mind that-”

“I know. I don’t love the guy. I’m ninety-five percent still in the camp that believes he’s a tyrant,” Xavier said, pausing for a sip of soda. “But the book store means a lot to Ava and I’m just glad there was somebody with business experience willing to step in when she needed help.”

Quentin nodded and stared off across the street as if there was something intensely interesting about the crowd gathered there but there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary going on.

“What aren’t you saying right now?” Xavier asked. “You told me the store would be in good hands with Justine keeping her father in line. Does your silence and lack of eye contact mean she didn’t do that? That I should have had Ava’s back on this after all?”

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