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Episode 1118: Just Another Thing

With Sebastian occupied at home, put through his paces by his physical therapist, Ava had ducked out to catch up on some errands. In addition to the pharmacy and grocery shopping, she’d mailed out thank you cards for Christmas gifts and to Sebastian’s well-wishers, a task that probably could have been accomplished through texts and email, but she kept up the practice her mother had always encouraged her to do as an act of politeness and gratitude.

After Ava had finished with all that she’d intended to head straight home. Sebastian’s mother planned to drop by, in all likelihood in time to catch the tail end of Sebastian’s physical therapy session in order to give a full critique of the trainer’s ability to his face but there was also always the possibility that Dr. Marques would get too caught up at work to show up as scheduled.

Their home had been generously outfitted by his father to give Bas the feeling of as much self-sufficiency as possible and Ava knew it was important for any adult not to feel as though they’re being babysat, still she didn’t like to leave him on his own for overly long.

Avalon didn’t want Sebastian to get the idea that she glad for as much time as she could get away from him. Even though Bas didn’t behave as though there was tension between them, she still felt it. Unlike Bas, Ava did fully remember what happened prior to the accident and so for her their relationship and his self-esteem were still things to be approached with sensitivity and overt commitment.

But even with that thought in her head she decided to chance leaving Sebastian alone for longer than she wanted to and make one more stop before home.

Although initially Ava had been alarmed by what Bowie had told her about the bookstore at Christmas, after awhile, after calming down, she’d thought how drastically could things have even changed over a matters of months and with Justine looking out for her interests?

It turned out, things could change quite drastically.

Episode 1119: Changes

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