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Episode 1117: I'm Ready

Youre sure this is what you want? Ryley asked while their daughter Miranda slept in the next room tuckered out from an afternoon of sledding, snowman building, and making angel after angel in the snow.

Its not that Im not happy about the idea of us having another kiddo because I am. I am totally on board with this, he continued. I love being a dad but I love my wife, too, and if having two kids is more than you feel like we can handle, if youre just putting on a happy face about this, well, I mean, Ill be there, Ill be right there with you if you feel like we need to make a different choice.

Adria rose up from her seat on the cabin floor where shed been flipping through theater books and other texts, seeking inspiration for her new theatrical slate.

Ill admit, she said, settling on the sofa beside Ryley. At first I kind of freaked out, I know there are people who might think Im awful but I was, I dont know, kind of angry and irritated with myself at the thought that this was happening when its hard enough to find time in any given day to fit in everything I want to do.

I think thats more common than anyone realized, people, especially moms are made to feel ashamed if they say anything like that out loud. You dont need to feel ashamed to say that or anything else to me.

I know I married well, Ry, she said. Knowing youre in this with me is how I was able to move past my initial freakout and start thinking in terms of scheduling and how maybe we could make this all work. Not that a part of me isnt still kind of panicked but I am excited, too. Im embracing the challenges its bound to bring but also the possibly great stuff like Miranda having a sibling that maybe shell be closer to than I am and just, you know, us getting to know and love this new little person. So on the one hand, Im not deluding myself, this is going to be hard but I guess, bring on the hard stuff, Im ready if you are.

Episode 1118: Just Another Thing

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