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Episode 1116: We Are Family

“Are you sure you don’t want to stick around home for our anniversary,” Ryley asked and not for the first time.

“I’m good, really, a getaway is just what I need to clear my head enough to get the creative juices flowing for the theater’s upcoming slate. Besides, we can’t just turn the car around now, Miranda is so excited to play in the snow that she’d probably take wing and fly all the way there on her own if we tried to cancel, right, Miranda?”

“Yep, I’d be just like a bird ‘cept flying to the cold place for winter instead of the hot place,” their little girl enthused from the backseat.

“See, there’s no canceling on our girl,” Adria said with a small chuckle.

“I get that she’s eager to go,” Ryley said, “But we could find fun stuff to do with her at home and there are plenty of romantic options there for us, too. Like I’ve said maybe you should take some time over these couple of days off to sit down with your sister-”

“And like I said to you, I don’t really have anything to say to Justine.”

“But you two had been doing pretty well until the hospital, working together, occasionally actually talking like sisters, it was nice to see.”

“It was nice but I just I can’t support her family’s relationship with a guy who is such a sore spot for our brother. She’s chosen Xavier over Bas and I.”

“I don’t think that’s exactly-”

“It is exactly how it is, Justine knows how I feel about this especially when Bas is still in the process of recovering. As far as I’m concerned right now my sister is being disrespectful so I have nothing to say to her until that changes. I did visit with my brother and that’s all the family time I need for the holidays aside from you two whose company I actually enjoy. Well, technically, you three, which is plenty of family so I really don’t need a sister right now, not under these circumstances. Don’t worry about it, okay? My family isn’t like yours, we’ve hardly ever been close, it’s not a big deal.”

“It’s sad to me that- wait, did you say three?” Ryley asked. “Who’s the third after Miranda and I? Are we getting a dog? If you’re sure that wouldn’t add too much to our schedules, I am totally down with that idea, you know how much I loved having a pet when I was a kid.”

“Not a dog, a baby. I was going to come up with a cuter way to reveal this news at the cabin but with you feeling so concerned about my family situation maybe this is the best time to tell you that our own family is growing so it kind of evens out the fact that I’m down by a sister.”

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