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Episode 1115: Happy Holidays

Hope made sure their scenic tour of the various neighborhoods took a meandering route without any rhyme or reason to it, calling out at random for her dad to try this street or that street so that by the time they reached her biological father’s street it wouldn’t seem on purpose and it may not even occur to her dad where they were.

She didn’t want to upset either of her parents, she just wanted to check on her biological dad though she doubted the sight of his home would cheer her any, she fully expected it to be dark and desolate just like at Halloween. Still she crossed her fingers at the possibility that she’d find things looking happier.

Nerves made her stomach clench as her dad turned onto the street. At first she thought maybe she was mistaking his house for someone else’s address as it stood in such contrast to how it had looked at Halloween.

But no, it was the right house number on the right street and his home was lit up like a peppermint wonderland.

“That might be my favorite one,” her dad said, slowing the car, apparently oblivious to the house’s owner, thank goodness since he really hadn’t taken her seeking out her bio mom well.

“It’s my favorite, too,” Hope enthused as from the outside at least it appeared like maybe her biological dad was having a merry Christmas after all.

Bowie stopped Ava on her way to the kitchen. “Hey,” he said, “I went into your store a week or so ago to do some Christmas shopping.”

“Oh, that’s so great, thanks for the business. Sorry I wasn’t there to help you, did you get everything you needed?” It had been forever since she’d given the book store much thought. Between Sebastian’s hospitalization and now his recovery and trying to get there marriage on track, her focus was completely on him.

“Look,” Bowie said. “I know you’ve still got a lot on your plate as a caregiver so I debated saying anything to you about this but I know that store has been like your baby so I just think you deserve to know I didn’t feel much of the warm book obsessed vibe you’ve always cultivated. There was a very big business corporate feel and it seemed to me a lot fewer actual books, which I mean, I thought Justine Marques was supposed to be keeping her dad under control and not letting him ruin your store. I knew I should have tried to keep better tabs on the place for you, it’s just with running my own business, I just haven’t had the time and I feel like a lousy friend for it.”

Episode 1116: We Are Family

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