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Episode 1112: Homecoming

“Your dad had the ramps and everything else installed so that you’ll be comfortable until you’re able to get around better. He wasn’t exactly thrilled with my plan for Bowie and I to take care of it instead of leaving it to the professionals. He was probably right I guess. Does it all seem okay to you?” Ava asked, feeling so nervous around her husband these days as she stood next to Sebastian seated in the wheelchair that he’d need for some time yet.

“It’s good,” Sebastian said as Shelby, their elderly yet still fairly spry cat hopped gently up into his lap and purred, clearly her way of saying she was happy to have him home.

“I know you’re not a big fan of the way my dad takes over stuff,” he continued, “but I’m glad he hired someone to make all these changes to the house, you’ve taken on so much already, at least you get a break on this.”

Ava abruptly turned away and opened the cupboard pretending to study its contents. She didn’t feel anywhere near as self-sacrificing as Sebastian made her seem. She had to keep reminding herself that her dad was right, or at least sort of right. Yeah, maybe she shouldn’t have leaned on her ex for moral support but she hadn’t really crossed a line, not to the degree Sebastian had assumed when he’d stormed out of the bookstore. It had been at most a misunderstanding and it was just as well that Sebastian didn’t remember it, that they didn’t have to work their way to the truth on top of all the work still required for his recovery.

At least that was how her dad told her to view it. And she was trying. She really was trying. It was just very challenging to to look at Sebastian’s current limitations and not feel responsible for them, and not feel guilty whenever he praised the devotion she’d shown at his hospital bedside knowing that if he remembered he’d think her the opposite of devoted.

“Are you hungry?” Ava asked when she realized she’d been staring into the cupboard for an unnaturally long stretch of time. “How about tomato soup and grilled cheese? Classic comfort foods.”

“Sure, then maybe after that we can start decorating for Christmas. I don’t know how much help I’ll be but I’d like to try to give you a hand or at the very least keep you company through it. Normally you’d have this place all decked out by now. I just really want to do something nice for you after all you’ve done for me and I know how much you usuallylike all this holiday stuff.”

What nice things had she actually done for him? Inadvertently put him in that chair? Ava winced at the thought before plastering a smile back on her face and eagerly talking Christmas decor and what ornaments to place where.

Episode 1113: Merry Christmas Baby

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