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Episode 1111: Starting Over

Sebastian did the best he could to cooperate with the doctor’s examination though the truth was life right in that moment felt like an out of body experience for him. It was incredibly strange and unnerving to wake up and realize months had passed by without you.

“You have a long road ahead of you, still I expect life will eventually return to normal. Physically you’ll need to work hard to get back up on your feet, cognitively I’m really pleased with preliminary testing,” the doctor said. “You may experience some lingering fogginess but things look very promising moving forward. I wouldn’t put much stock in the fact that you don’t remember the time immediately before or during the accident. It’s not uncommon with traumatic events to never fully recover those memories.”

Sebastian nodded. He did have some fogginess. And he didn’t remember anything about a car hitting him. He did however remember everything prior to the accident. When the doctor had asked him what he remembered, Sebastian had looked to his wife and realized this was an opportunity to go on as if the closeness he’d spied between Avalon and Xavier had never happened, that he possibly didn’t have to confront that nightmare if he didn’t want to.

As he woke up he’d heard Ava say she’d always be right there. So why remind her that she might have made a different choice if she hadn’t been required to be at his side at the hospital.

Yeah for a second he did think that maybe Ava was there out of pity or guilt, but then he recalled all the times his mother had said a health scare had a way of putting things into perspective for the patient and their partner, either they realized they weren’t actually in love enough to withstand the worst of times or on the total opposite end of the spectrum, they stopped taking their relationship for granted.

That must have been the case with his wife. Before her dad left the hospital room to call Sebastian’s family with the news, Cal had made a big deal of how long Ava had sat at Sebastian’s side, how devoted she’d been.

So there was a silver lining to being run over and the long recovery time ahead. They’d have a fresh start. He would put that moment Ava shared with Xavier out of his mind just as Ava must have not only decided to move past her belief that Sebastian had something to do with trying to pay Xavier to leave town, she must have also decided to move on from Xavier, too.

It wasn’t like she’d had time to see Xavier on the side if she’d been in this room twenty four hours or more a day. She must have realized that she didn't want their marriage to end. Sebastian definitely didn’t, even if that meant feigning no memory of seeing Ava cuddled up to Xavier. He would gladly put that behind him if ahead of him he had Ava.

Episode 1112: Homecoming

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