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Episode 1107: Rebel Rebel

ďI donít know about this,Ē Jenny whispered to Hope.

Although they were a group of five girls trick or treating, each dressed as a book character because they were all nerdy like that, only two of them knew the very specific reason why Hope had finagled this particular street into their trick or treating agenda. And it wasnít about full-size candy bars like theyíd told Jennyís mom as a plausible excuse though that was an added bonus.

Their three other friends bumped into another group from their school and Jenny purposely held several steps behind them.

ďIím concerned,Ē Jenny said, anguish all over her face, an expression that didnít match the happy zaniness of her Pippi Longstocking costume. ďI think you should have just talked to your parents.Ē

ďThe whole point is to protect my parents,Ē Hope said.

ďBut whoís going to protect you?Ē Jenny asked. ďI mean, Iím here of course, thatís what besties are for, but Iím just a kid, we both are and itís just like this birth parent stuff it feels like a very adult thing that maybe you need adults for.Ē

ďItís okay, really, I promise. It wonít be as big of a deal as it seems.Ē Hope squeezed her friendís hand. ďI told you Iíve done this before. Itís not going to be a disaster or anything.Ē

ďI just think if it wasnít potentially trouble you wouldn't be all secret about it.Ē

ďAgain, thatís just to protect my parents. My dad is totally stressed about this stuff. And my mom, she says itís okay, she supports whatever I want but does she really feel that way deep down. This is easiest for everyone, nothing will change. I saw my birth mom that one time in person and thatís all I want to do with my birth dad, too.Ē

ďCanít you just stick to the photos and other stuff you learned online. You donít even know for sure itís him and it just seems risky to go behind your parents backs if itís not even-Ē

ďItís him. The file on him was totally hidden in my dadís home office. Thereís a reason it was top secret. Heís the right age and and my smile looks kind of like his, doesnít it? Plus heís black and with my skin and my hair and my birth mom being white that just kind of makes sense, right? I donít want to know him. I just want to see him close up. See his home. Hear his voice. Just once and then Iíll be over it. But I get it if youíre too nervous about sort of breaking rules, I usually am nervous about that, too, you know that. So I wonít be mad if you donít come with. I can face him alone.Ē

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