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Episode 1102: The Man

Phillip had spent very little time at his son’s place of business. That was Avalon’s fault. Her absurd insistence that she and Sebastian make their way on their own. So Phillip had stood back even though his expertise could have undoubtedly been a boon to their fledgling business. And now he didn’t even know who his son and daughter-in-law employed, he didn’t know which among them may have answers for him about what had happened to Sebastian.

There was also the possibility that it had been a customer in which case Phillip would need one of the employees to scour the transactions to pinpoint who it might be and even then it would only work if a purchase had been made and if whoever Ava left in charge didn’t balk at revealing said information. It would be just like Avalon and morality to have some rule over invading customers privacy.

Maybe he would need to hire a private detective again.

He grimaced as his driver pulled up to the curb outside the bookstore. He needed answers now, needed to know if there was someone to blame, someone he should punish on his son’s behalf.

Every time he looked at Sebastian in that bed so still and so broken, it tore Phillip up inside and he’d like nothing better than to tear someone else up in return.

The thought of waiting around for Sebastian to wake up or wait for a detective to put the puzzle together, further delays of any sort was unthinkable for Phillip, intolerable.

He needed answers now. Someone in that bookstore would provide them.

Phillip strode into the store, eyes peeled for the man Ondine had described, a tall, thin, casually dressed white male with dark hair and an inherent cool, whatever an inherent cool meant.

He spied a couple male customers milling about though none fit the bill, neither did the blond young man behind the counter. Phillip did, however, to his surprise, happen upon his granddaughter pushing a book cart over to a shelf.

“Are you working here?” Phillip asked. He didn’t understand how Tansy could fit it into her already busy schedule of school, volunteering, and working for him, though if anyone could handle such a heavy load it would be his dynamic granddaughter. Still, it was too much strain on any one person and he fully intended to make it clear that she already had a job, one was enough, just as soon as this bit of moonlighting helped him find the information he needed.

“Oh,” Tansy turned around to face him, “hey, grandpa. I’m just helping out whenever I have a little spare time. I thought it would be a nice thing to do for Uncle Sebastian and Aunt Ava with all they’re going through.”

“That is a nice thing to do. I’m here to help them as well, with the store and with something else that maybe, in your temporary position here you might help me with, I need to find a dark haired man who may have witnessed your uncle’s accident. He was in the store that day.”

Tansy’s eyes went wide. She chewed on her bottom lip. “Dark haired? There are loads of dark haired men, Grandpa. You probably shouldn’t even waste your time on this, it’s like a needle in a haystack, I’m sure. That’s not a lot to go on. It could be anyone. Someone who just walked in to use the bathroom or something.”

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