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Episode 1096: Soon You'll Get Better

“This is outrageous,” Katherine said. Fury raged through her. She wasn’t usually so demonstrative with her hands but stillness as she spoke wasn’t remotely possible in that moment. “You’re going to tell her in private? Meanwhile the rest of us are expected to do what? Twiddle our thumbs until Ava shares the news with us? I have accreditation at this hospital, I bring in a lot of patients and money. Not to mention this is my son you intend to have this private conversation about, I have every right to know what’s going on with him.”

“We both do,” Phillip said. He took one of Katherine’s flailing hands securely in his. If ever there was someone you wanted fighting on your side it was her husband.

“Do you realize the amount of donations we’ve poured into this hospital through the years?” He pointed out. “My wife is right, this is outrageous. How can you cut us out of this process? The sooner we’re involved the sooner our son gets better. Since when have parents become unnecessary to a patient’s recovery, is that really a policy you believe your hospital can thrive on?”

“Obviously cutting out parents is not our policy,” Dr. Devlin, corrected in a gratingly calm and no nonsense manner. “As Dr. Marques is well aware it is hospital policy to deal directly with the patient’s next of kin and since your son is married his next of kin is his wife.”

The woman who Katherine had known and worked alongside for years had the nerve to turn her attention back to Avalon. “I find it’s more comfortable and conducive for a productive discussion if it’s done without an audience. You’ll be freer to ask questions and absorb the answers without interference or distraction.”

“Avalon wouldn’t even know which questions to ask,” Katherine pointed out. “Ava’s been useless since this ordeal began.”

“Mom!” Justine and Adria reprimanded in unison.

“I didn’t mean any offense, I’m simply stating a fact that Ava doesn’t really have anything to contribute here other than shock and tears whereas as a doctor I understand the situation and know the pertinent questions to ask, unless of course pertinent questions are what you’re afraid of Dr. Devlin.”

“If I smell even a hint of malpractice I’m have your medical license,” Phillip stated. “I’ll have this entire hospital shut down.”

Dr. Devlin appeared significantly less calm. “I’m willing to overlook this belligerence from both of you because I know how emotional you must feel but if this blatant disrespect continues I will have you removed from this-”

“Please.” Ava’s next words, every single one of them cracked with emotion. “Tell everyone. They deserve to know as much as I do.” Her voice dropped to a whisper. “More than I do.”

“There! Thank you Ava for showing such good sense. As soon as some light is shed on Sebastian’s situation I can finally get to work on seeing to his recovery.”

Katherine thought the information would immediately ease her mind. This was what she did, who she was, a medical professional. It didn’t usually render her immobile to hear the rundown of a patient’s issues though. They didn’t usually feel like stabs to her chest. Fractured ankle. Dislocated shoulder. Shattered femur. Broken ribs. A punctured lung. Sprained wrist. Shattered cheekbone. Swelling in the brain reduced by surgery though still a concern. Potential unseen internal damage. An induced coma. Never regained consciousness. Stab. Stab. Stab.

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