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Episode 1093: Forgot That You Existed

Phillip did the best he could to keep busy, working on his phone and tablet simultaneously. He’d also texted several times with his wife who remained in an office in some other wing of the hospital determined to talk her way into a place on their son’s medical team.

She knew how futile it was just as well as Phillip did but if she found more peace of mind banging her head against that particular wall than in waiting in this overly quiet and tense room, well, lucky her.

Phillip set down his phone, running through all the names in his head, top doctors they knew thanks to Katherine’s career as well as their philanthropic endeavors.

As Phillip downed the last of his coffee, he took some solace in the possibility of so much high caliber help at their disposal. When Sebastian made it through this initial emergent stage they’d enlist the best of the best to lead him to a complete recovery. He would have a complete recovery, Phillip refused to believe anything else. In the meantime, they had to wait and wait some more.

“Avalon,” Phillip said.

His daughter-in-law sat several chairs away from him, her head resting against her father’s burly arm and her eyes closed.

There was no way she’d fallen asleep so Phillip asked, “have you thought of anything yet that might have caused my son to be so distracted?”

Ava raised her chin, her eyes turned first to her father then to Phillip. “I-”

“We’ve been over this already. She can’t be expected to know what was running through his mind at any given moment, no one could,” Cal interjected just as he had the previous times Phillip had tried to get answers. “Maybe Sebastian was thinking about what to have for dinner or what their future will look like when they have that child they’ve talked about. There’s no way of knowing.”

“Until he speaks for himself,” Phillip said, frowning at the thought of one more thing to wait for.

“If only Bassie could speak for himself,” Phillip’s eldest child, Justine chimed in as she and her husband walked into the waiting area. “Maybe Sebastian at least would have called to tell me he was in the hospital.”

“I’m so sorry,” Avalon offered. “I should have-”

“I don’t blame you, Ava,” Justine replied. “You’re the closest person to him, you’re probably in shock. I don’t expect you to think clearly right now, my father on the hand has probably been doing work, tending remotely to things at the office, so I’m pretty sure he had it in him to call his daughters to let them know their brother was hit by a car. You wouldn’t think it possible given their track record, but it’s somehow a new low in bad parenting from my mother and father.”

Episode 1094: Sisters

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