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Episode 1090: Water Runs Dry

Calvin gentled his daughter into a chair and took the seat next to her, catching her trembling hand. “I asked at the desk but they wouldn’t tell me anything.”

“I don’t think there’s anything to tell yet,” Ava said, her voice painfully quiet and subdued. “Do you- Do you suppose that’s a positive thing?”

“I’d imagine so.” He squeezed her hand. “It means they’re working hard to take care of him.”

Avalon nodded though it didn’t appear to have much confidence in it.

She leaned into his shoulder and Calvin was glad for that at least. That he was here for her. That she felt at home enough with him now that he could be of some comfort to her. On his way to the hospital Cal had let Sarette know over speakerphone that Sebastian had been hurt, that he would be by their daughter’s side throughout the ordeal.

“Your- Sarette sends you and Sebastian her best wishes for a speedy recovery. She wanted you to know that if you need anything you can call her anytime.” Except if Avalon wanted her mother actually physically present in this hospital room. Cal knew Sarette wouldn’t be there for Ava in that way.

It remained a challenge for Calvin to not resent Sarette for her choices, for putting the rest of her family ahead of their daughter.

“Okay,” was all Ava said.

Really all they could do was be okay with Sarette, understand that she wasn’t without regrets or remorse, understand that it did hurt Sarette, too, to not be there, it was plain as day in her voice.

Xavier’s emotions had been plain as day in his voice as well. Calvin wasn’t much more thrilled with Xavier at the moment than he was with Sarette. It seemed to Calvin that his daughter wouldn’t be in this state had Xavier either stayed away or actually stayed all those years ago.

Still, Calvin was grateful that Xavier had thought to call him and he wasn’t entirely useless in other ways either. “If it helps take at least one worry off your plate, Xavier told me he’d handle the remainder of the shift at the store and close up. He’s also getting in contact with your employees to arrange for them to cover for the near future.”

“I guess he remembers where the contact list was way back when…”

“Yes, well, the store is taken care of, you can just focus on Sebastian.”

“That’s what. I should have been doing that all along.” Ava swiped her hands under her eyes where the tears spilled over. “I should have just let go of the idea of being a friend to Xavier. I shouldn’t have expected Sebastian to handle that. This is my fault.”

“What’s you’re fault?” Phillip Marques asked as he strode into the waiting room like he owned the place. “Are you the reason my son is in the hospital?”

Episode 1091: Hit Me With Your Best Shot

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