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Episode 109: Almost Unreal

"Could I get you anything Princess?" Lila offered. "How about some coffee? Or your hair brush? Itís starting to look a little ratty I have to tell you." Her eyes drifted to the ceiling. "Iím sorry I meant that to come out nice, how about some jam on toast, Iím very good at that. Itís really not at all like the rest of my cooking, which I mean, look at last Christmas I tried to cook this whole elaborate dinner thing, not only did it burn, but Sebastian walked out-"

"Lila!" Bowie commanded through gritted teeth and led her by the elbow out into the hallway far away from Avalonís ears.

"Donít lecture me Bowie, I didnít mean to say it, things just spill out, no matter what you think Iím not that mean," Lila picked up her purse and put it on her shoulder. "Iíve got to go pick up Jess- Iím not too helpful around here anyway."

"Wait- I know you didnít say it on purpose," he dug around in his pocket and pulled out a heavily folded piece of paper. "You can help though," he gave her a quick quiet smile. "Uh, this is for the newspaper, Mrs. Lubin gave it to me awhile ago, in case, she was worried about how it would be written I guess... anyway do you think you could take it down there?"

"Sure," Lila answered, tucked it in her wallet, and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. She opened the door to leave. "Avalon is really lucky to have you here; youíre the best hero I know."

Bowieís face blushed pink as Taro passed Lila on the sidewalk and took the stairs two at a time. As soon as Ava saw him she was in defense mode the tears had dried up. "Is he out in the bushes or something? I mean, he did send you here right, by all means go ahead and tell me his latest greatest excuse," she hurled at Taro who stood there all traumatized looking, with a bouquet of flowers.

Episode 110: A Simple Kind Of Life

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