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Episode 1082: Wake Me Up

“It’s amazing news, the best. We’ll meet you back at the shelter. See you there in about fifteen minutes.” Quent shut off the speakerphone and set off down the road once more.

“That’s a relief,” Xavier said and Hero seconded it from the backseat with another enthusiastic hurrah!

“Like I told you, fatherhood is worth it,” Quent said. “Hearing my daughter so happy, it’s moments like this when being a dad feels like the best thing that ever happened to me. I really do hope you find the right person, the right unmarried person, and experience parenthood for yourself. Maybe with Lucy? You’ve both been such a help to Tansy growing up. Lucy is another person I look at and think it will be a real loss if no one ever has her for a parent.”

“Yeah, well, Lucy has her own complications where that’s concerned,” Xavier replied.

“Maybe you two could help each other make things less complicated, from what I’ve seen you’re a good team,” Quent pointed out. “And that’s the last I’ll say on this subject before you start confusing me with my meddling in-laws.”

Justine deposited her phone into her bag. “Tansy wants me to let you know that Honey has been found.”

A grin burst across her father’s face. His eyes shone with relief. So… So he genuinely had been concerned then, it wasn’t just an act achieve some greater goal. Weird.

“Why are you like this?” Justine asked.

“I don’t understand the question.” Phillip’s grin slipped away. “Is this another swipe at my character? You think I’m being insincere right now?”

“Actually I don’t. I think this is genuine and that’s maddening. I can’t imagine you ever doing something like this for me when I was a kid. I can’t fathom you putting aside work for something as frivolous as looking for a lost dog.”

“A lost dog isn’t frivolous.”

“You never would have said that before.”

“I was wrong before.”

“Now you even admit when you’re wrong?” Justine shook her head. “If this is for real and it seems to be, I am glad this is the version of you that my daughter gets. But I’m sad for Bas and Addie, and me. I’m angry for us, too. We got the demanding workaholic who doesn’t hesitate to disown his own children. Thanks for waking up for my daughter but not for me.”

Episode 1083: Soulmates

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