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Episode 1081: Where Are You?

“Thanks for doing this,” Quentin said. He kept the car at a slow crawl, patrolling up and down the streets desperately hoping to spot the missing dog before the sun went down and the situation became that much more bleak.

“There’s nowhere I’d rather be than helping the kid out, you know that,” Xavier replied. “I’m just concerned with how she’s going to take it if Honey isn’t found. She’s already really upset.”

“Yeah, I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out what I’ll say to her if… If this doesn’t go well.”

Xavier nodded. “I know it sounds stupid all things considered about my life. But sometimes, just every once in awhile lately, you know, despite how I grew up, just, sometimes I think about how it might be if I were a dad when I see how great you are with your kids. But then tough times like this one come along and it hits me that I’d be in way over my head. It’s probably for the best that I have a lot of stuff, a lot of memories that remind me that it’s probably not the job for me, there are a lot of reasons not to pass on my genes.”

“You’ve come a long way. You’re a different person now. And you’ve never been your father. As for parenting, the good times are worth the tough times, trust me.” Quent glanced in the backseat taking in the peaceful sight of his son who had fallen asleep. “Give it some real thought. Don’t let the past take away from a future that might make you happier than you’ve ever been.”

“I can’t believe I’m searching for a lost dog with you,” Justine said walking alongside her father, Phillip, and his dog, Walter. “It’s like you’ve been body snatched, replaced with an actual compassionate human being.”

“You flatter me so,” Phillip replied.

“I know I’ve asked you this before and you probably won’t admit it, but is this part of a long con? You’re playing at being the caring grandfather to pull Tansy into your sticky web so then you can mold her into whoever you want her to be instead-”

“Justine,” her father snapped.

The dog, Walter, stopped his sniffing and poking around, turning his furry head to them, tilting his chin as if in inquiry.

“I will say this for the last time. My granddaughter is important to me and not as a pawn on a chessboard. My past actions may make that hard for you to believe but it’s the honest truth. And I’ve found that I quite like dogs now so quit questioning my motives and get busy finding Honey so your daughter doesn’t blame herself.”

“I’m sorry you guys are stuck doing this,” Tansy said. She parted some hedges with her hands hoping that maybe Honey had scurried in there to hide. She hadn’t.

“If you have homework or something else you need to do, I understand.” Tansy swiped at her excessively wet eyes. “This is on me, I’m the only one who should be obligated to search for her. She’s probably gone for good now anyway.”

“We are finding her,” Enid insisted. “Honey didn’t run away, she was scared away, there’s a big difference. You know you’re Honey’s favorite person at the shelter, right? She practically wags her backside off when she sees you.”

“Clearly she put her faith in the wrong person,” Tansy noted with a shake of her head. “I thought I had a tight hold on her leash. Obviously it wasn’t tight enough.”

“Sometimes there’s just not anything you can do when they get that spooked,” Enid said.

“Maybe Honey isn’t lost,” Theresa suggested. “maybe she’s out looking for you just like you’re looking for her and when your paths finally cross it’s going to be the best reunion.”

“I don’t know about that, I hope so,” Tansy said. “But I guess at least out of all this I do know for sure I have a couple really great friends, thank you guys, really.”

“Make that three really great friends,” Enid said with a huge smile on her face. She pointed behind Tansy just as Tansy heard the tell-tale jingle of dog tags.

Episode 1082: Wake Me Up

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