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Episode 108: You Know It All

Katherineís pencil got stuck in the electric sharpener. She threw her head into her hands. She opened the file and quickly closed it. Not her fault. Thatís why she wanted the pencil, to doodle, she did that when she was feeling overwhelmed, it always made her feel better. She needed to be able to erase the evidence.

She started with a black ballpoint pen. The fullness of his face. The darkness of his eyes. The slim lines of his mouth. He picked a great time to go out of town on business.

Sebastian bulldozed the door. He had on his darkest sunglasses and his hair looked like it had been through a windmill. He was shaking. "How could you let this happen? I thought of everything this was the one way that I could still trust you, I canít believe..."

Katherine put a book over top of her scribbling wound her way around the desk and pulled her son to her. "Bassie, Iím so sorry- I know how much you care about Ava-"

"You donít know about anything- obviously!" He shouted ripping away from his mother. "I just canít believe youíd take this out on some totally innocent people, I mean Ava has never done any- sheís not like us- and, you knew this wouldnít work you knew it, this is like payback because I know your big secret, right?"

Katherine backed off took the book and the drawing of Curran off of her desk and shoved them in a drawer. She ran a hand through her long hair and secured it with a barrette while her son leaned against the door. "I know you were supposed to be there last night," she finally said, softly. "You must feel like you really let her down and, because of all that Iím going to pretend like you never said the things you just said, you donít need anything more to regret."

Episode 109: Almost Unreal

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