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Episode 1077: I Should Be Laughing

Xavier pushed button after button on the garage’s new coffeemaker until at last he figured out how to make the thing work. He smiled thinking of wise for her years Tansy and her assertion that you need to appreciate all your triumphs no matter how small they be, all those positives can add up, improve your outlook on the day.

It was kind of ridiculous, but as usual the kid was right, just the act of getting the coffeemaker to function, it was a win however minor, it did make him feel better. It at least for a moment had lifted his spirits, gave him a breather where for a couple minutes he could be glad he’d done something right as opposed to the wrong he may have done to Ava’s marriage.

And there it was all rushing back at him again.

He still didn’t know what he should do about all that, if anything.

He set about preparing his coffee, more meticulous with the milk and sugar than he ordinarily was, intent on crafting the perfect cup of coffee if it meant distracting himself even for a few seconds more.

When he at last took his first sip, his mind was momentarily clear of anything other than taking all that time and putting all that attention to detail into the coffee and it didn’t taste remotely different from the haphazard way he usually prepared it. A chuckle escaped him.

“What’s so funny?” A voice asked from behind him.

Xavier turned and frowned at who he saw. The redhead. Lila. Ava’s intermittent friend. Sebastian’s best friend. Fantastic.

“I could really use something to laugh over,” Lila said, “so share, what had you feeling so jolly? Or was that evil cackling in disguise? Have you been up to no good?”

Xavier’s frown deepened. Yep. This was exactly what he thought it was. Again. “You know, if Sebastian wants me on his side believing that he didn’t order his mommy’s payoff he probably shouldn’t have sent you here to harass me, it undermines his claim.”

“Sebastian didn’t send me here and that payoff was solely his mother’s poorly executed plan. I’m not here about Sebastian, I’m here about-”

“Xavier, is my dad here?” Tansy hurried into the garage, tears slipping down her cheeks. She plowed into his chest and he wrapped his arms around the kid, Lila’s presence completely forgotten, Ava’s marital issues out the window, too. This was what really mattered in life, comforting this kid who had helped him in countless ways.

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